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Save Over 50% on This Heated Foot Massager

After a long, taxing day on the job, there’s nothing more rewarding than finally kicking off those boots and getting a foot massage. The Sable Heated Foot Massager is exactly what you need to decompress from a stressful day. Within seconds, you’ll be entering a 360 degrees world of foot massage bliss. For a limited time, The Political Insider readers can get their very own personal foot massager for 53% off the original price!

Your foot is filled with nerve endings and connective tissue, which makes it the perfect spot for a deep tissue massage. The Sable Heated Foot Massager provides all the features you’d want in a personalized massage. Utilizing high-powered pressure rollers that target the soles of your feet, this massager works to expertly relieve built-up tension. The airbags gently compress at the bridge of your foot to boost circulation and improve blood vessel functionality.

All the settings on the Sable Heated Foot Massager are customizable. Feel free to set your own timers and choose the ideal temperature for your feet. Choose between three different intensity modes for massage pressure as well.

Unwind after a long day with the Sable Heated Foot Massager. It’s yours for just $69.99, which is 53% off the original price.

Sable Heated Foot Massager – $69.99

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