Sarah Palin Destroys Planned Parenthood With ONE Question

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin managed to destroy the left’s faux outrage over the Confederate flag and their simultaneous full-throated defense of the abortion industry with one simple image.



The answer is quite simple. The reality is that minority neighborhoods are disproportionately targeted by Planned Parenthood clinics, and black babies are aborted at a much higher rate than other races.

via American Thinker:

Seems Black lives do matter very much to Planned Parenthood. Where do they place their clinics? “The primary consideration in making this determination is not poverty but the percentage of blacks in the area.” “Population control centers” are disproportionately “located in ZIP codes with higher percentages of blacks and/or Hispanics than the state’s overall percentage.” And who is getting abortions? “Though they make up less than 13% of the female population, black women have about 37% of the abortions,” according to a paper reviewing racial targeting and population control.

Palin’s post has received well over 100,000 likes on Facebook, and has been shared over 63,000 times.

Which symbol does more harm to the black community – the Confederate flag, or Planned Parenthood?

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