Rush Limbaugh Shreds Media’s Lack of Coverage on Planned Parenthood with One Question


Self-proclaimed cat lover, Rush Limbaugh, admitted he was “ravaged with sadness” when he heard about the death of Cecil the Lion.

The one thing Rush has over liberals who have turned the killing of Cecil into full-on hysteria?


The talk show host asked one single question on his program yesterday that puts the Cecil the Lion story in perspective against other stories, far more worthy of discussion.


I have a simple question. I understand. I love Cecil the lion. I understand it. I understand crying. I myself was ravaged with sadness when I heard about the death of Cecil the lion. You know why? Because, even when talking about a lion, it was in a game preserve. It wasn’t a pet, and you’re never gonna make a pet out of a predator beast. But it still is the essence of innocence, and it wouldn’t do anything to us if we didn’t threaten it first. It is just senseless for somebody to shoot it.

I love cats, too, and I think Cecil is a great name for a lion.  In fact, if I ever get another cat I’m gonna name it Cecil in honor of this one. My own cat was disappointed when she found out Cecil was killed. All animals are worried about this. Understand that. But how in the world can you get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad over Cecil and, at the same time, participate in burying what’s happening at Planned Parenthood? Can somebody explain that to me? (interruption) What do you mean, “Well”?

The entity most complicit in burying the Planned Parenthood story and trumping up the horror over Cecil the Lion, has been the media.

Media watchdog Newsbusters has a study which shows broadcast news networks covered the Cecil story more in one day, than they covered the Planned Parenthood story in two weeks.

Of course, the abortion mill has been trying to do damage control by threatening the media to stop showing the undercover videos that put their anti-life organization in a bad light.

Still, what ever happened to investigative journalism? What ever happened to journalists with morals? And what ever happened to news organizations that know how to prioritize the truly important topics?

What is your theory behind the media’s coverage of Cecil the Lion versus the Planned Parenthood videos?

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