Rosie O’Donnell, Hollywood Director Danny Zuker Mock Barron Trump

rosie o'donnell barron trump

Acclaimed Hollywood Director Danny Zuker and not even vaguely acclaimed comedian Rosie O’Donnell teamed up for some social media mockery of 11-year-old Barron Trump.

Zuker, best known for his Emmy award-winning work as the director of ABC’s Modern Family, condescendingly asked how President Trump’s son was doing after seeing a video of “his dad assaulting a woman with a golf ball.”

Trump tweeted a viral gif that shows him driving a golf ball, then cutting to an actual video of Clinton tripping as she boards a plane to Yemen as Secretary of State. The clip was doctored to look as if Trump’s drive launched the ball into Clinton’s back, causing her to fall.

To be clear, we here at the Political Insider don’t condone such juvenile jokes on social media … unless they’re funny. And this gif is absolutely flipping hilarious.

Zuker chimed in, triggered by the video, dragging young Barron into the fray, and mocking the President who famously mentioned his son had been traumatized by the Kathy Griffin beheading picture he saw on TV.

Zuker demanded to know if Barron was equally upset about the golf ball video …

Apparently the Hollywood director had a hard time understanding that the golf gif had some super high tech ‘special effects,’ and was not a real video of anybody committing any form of assault. See Zuk, the odds of Trump hitting a drive that would travel all the way to Yemen, back in time to 2011, and knock somebody down as they boarded an airplane are quite low.

Anyway, Rosie O’Donnell took Zuker’s tweet as an opportunity to continue her obsession with the Trump family.

Oh, Rosie! Making fun of 11-year-olds is hilarious! Ha ha!

Except, it’s not, and you and Zuker are a pair of tools.

Of course he should be 100% off limits, just as Malia and Sasha Obama were off limits during their father’s two terms, and just as Chelsea was as a child during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Did you expect either of these Hollywood moonbats to adhere to that rule?

What do you think – Fair game, or is Barron Trump off limits? Tell us what you think below!

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