Ron DeSantis, RFK Jr., and Tulsi Gabbard All Warn Against Central Bank Digital Currency

DeSantis central bank digital currency
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are calling out the Federal Reserve’s attempt to create an alternative, digital dollar.

The three warn will be used to restrict civil liberties as seen in countries like China, where access to one’s money is dictated by a social credit scoring system.

This reaction came after the Fed released information regarding its “FedNow” initiative, in which they seek to find a new way for banks to transfer funds between one another at a faster pace. Additionally, they are continuing efforts to push forward a central-bank digital currency that could achieve the same goal, which would also allow individual banks to use them as instantaneous digital “cash.”

NBC News and other regime-media outlets were quick to run cover for the Fed, attacking DeSantis and RFK Jr. specifically for ‘misconstruing’ the two plans as one. 

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The Warnings

At a conference last week when touching on the subject, DeSantis claimed that “They are going to try to impose an ESG [Environmental, Social, Governance] agenda.” ESG is a private sector attempt of establishing radical liberal agendas into businesses, and is endorsed and promoted by the World Economic Forum.

DeSantis warns that a potential Fed-made digital currency would allow the government to potentially prevent individuals from “buying a rifle” or purchasing “too much gas.”

Helpfully, NBC notes that DeSantis “misconstrued” the plan, because after all, “Fed officials have committed to no such plans” like cutting off your funds at the gun shop.

Well, thank goodness for our watchdogs in the Fourth Estate. Nothing bad can happen unless the government admits to evil-intent beforehand!

“It is ceding the power of our financial freedom to a central bank which does not have our interests at heart,” said DeSantis. The governor has already introduced legislation in Florida against ESG policies as well as proposals to ban any attempts of a Fed-issued digital dollar within the state.

As noted earlier, the FedNow system won’t necessarily be the same as a central bank digital currency, but the latter would certainly make the former easier, and you know they definitely want the latter.

And at least temporarily, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has said the Fed would need an act of Congress to create a consumer digital currency. 

In Australia, the ESG movement has already managed to put in place a policy in which banks will no longer be issuing loans for gas-powered vehicles.

Robert Kennedy Jr., who recently filed his appropriate FEC paperwork to run for president seeking the Democratic nomination, posted to Twitter around the same time as DeSantis’ remarks that a central bank issued digital currency would almost guarantee the federal government to “surveil all our private financial affairs… enforce dollar limited on our transactions restricting where you can send money” and “freeze your assets or limit your spending to approved vendors if you fail to comply with arbitrary diktats, i.e. vaccine mandates.”

All possibilities – even if Uncle Sam doesn’t confess.

“The US federal govt has just begun implementing a centralized digital currency project (CBDC) to bring about a cashless society where every transition we make is tracked, monitored, and controlled,” Gabbard posted. “Thus undermining our autonomy and freedom. To protect our freedom, we must all stand together in rejecting this effort to institute a digital cashless society.”

The fact-check placed over the post by Instagram only argued that the “Fed instant payment system is not a central bank digital currency.” This doesn’t negate though Gabbard’s concerns.


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What the Fed Said 

A spokesperson from the Fed did not directly comment on either DeSantis, Kennedy, or Gabbard’s commends, but did state that FedNow was “neither a form of currency nor a step toward eliminating any form of payment, including cash.”

DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin said later that “the track record of the establishment through COVID and under this administration speaks for itself and leaves plenty of room for concern. Obviously, centralized currency provides and avenue for the controlling entity to push an agenda.”

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