RNC Chair Warns Donors That GOP Is Getting Crushed On The Airwaves

RNC Chair McDaniel Rallies Major GOP Donors To Make 'Red Wave' Happen
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As the midterm election approaches, things still look fairly good for Republicans. But there still seems to be a number of Republicans that are unable to be convinced that there is no guarantee of a red wave in November.

Elections are not a foregone conclusion, and much can change in a very short time.

To wit: on Wednesday, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel warned GOP donors that they are behind on fundraising, and consequently, the airwaves.

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Rallying The Troops

In a political climate where President Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular presidents in recent history and Americans are dealing first and foremost with the results of his disastrous economic policies, the chances of a Republican controlled House should be a piece of cake.

But this summer’s decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade apparently led to a huge influx of donations for the Democrats.

Joining in on the aforementioned GOP call with McDaniel was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who knows a thing or two about red waves. 

Ronna McDaniel encouraged the big money donors to invest in GOP Senate candidates saying, “We absolutely have better candidates and a better message. But, we do need financial firepower to drive our effort.”

She continued:

“Newt and I were just talking, in this environment, our candidates can win if they’re outspent two-to-one, but if it gets four, five, six to one, it becomes more difficult, and we’re seeing that specifically on the Senate side. So my call to action today, is to please help us invest in these Senate races specifically. Give to any of these Senate candidates, all of these Senate candidates if you can, so all of them can be on TV.”

Being outspent six to one? Unless your name is Donald Trump, you most likely are not going to win that way.

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GOP Being Outspent By Democrats

GOP Senate candidates are being outspent by Democrats in several races that will be key must-wins of Republicans are going to take the Senate. Blake Masters in Arizona, J.D. Vance in Ohio, and Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania are getting trounced in the race for dollars. 

Currently the Senate GOP Senate campaign committee is behind the Democrat Senate campaign committee by $31 million. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund super PAC has jumped in to help out in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

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Note To GOP: You Have To Actually Work To Win Elections

Mitch McConnell’s infusion of cash from his super PAC may have come from a bit of guilt from some recent comments he made about the GOP possibly taking control of the Senate. His demeanor appeared to be rather uninterested if it happened or not, and he had this to say: “I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate. Senate races are just different — they’re statewide, candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome.”

His comments also seemed to be an implication that he was unwilling to put up a fight for any Trump-endorsed candidates. But perhaps the “red wave” drumbeat has made Republicans a bit complacent at a time when they can ill afford to be.

Tuesday night in New York, the GOP got smacked in the face in a special election that just a month ago polls showed the Democrat candidate behind by double digits. And before Republicans shrug off the Roe v. Wade decision as no big deal, Pat Ryan, the ultimate winner in that New York race, made his campaign about abortion. 

Republicans may also argue that, well, that’s New York. Not so fast. In a midterm cycle that usually sees the president’s party losing seats, a Real Clear Politics Generic Congressional Vote average poll last week put Democrats up briefly by 0.2%

Big money GOP donor Steve Wynn suggested that Republicans get aggressive and run ads portraying Democrats as promoters of tax policies that hurt low and middle income earners and small businesses. His suggestion, “Hard-hitting kind of spots with a man’s voice, no soft pedal. “They’re coming after you if you’re a waiter, if you’re a bartender, if you’re anybody with a cash business … they’re coming after you.”

Let’s hope the big money guys are getting behind Senate candidates, and it is not too little too late.

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