NFL Star Rishard Matthews Gets Tattoo of Barack and Michelle Obama on Leg

Could you imagine the outrage if someone in the NFL had a President Donald J. Trump tattoo on their body? The reception would be stunning.

But now, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews just got a tattoo on his leg of former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Here is what the tattoo looks like. YIKES!

As the Tennessean reports:

His arm is a mix of inspirational quotes and reminders of his past. His most prized one, however, rests on his lower right leg.

The piece depicts two Greek gods facing each other with the inscription “The World is Yours” adorned atop their heads. The gods are a representation of his kids, Zayden and Penelope, and the tattoo connects to a portrait of another duo Matthews holds dear to him: former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle.

“The first president I voted for, first black president, first black first lady,” said Matthews, 27. “Myself being African American, they’re obviously great role models and they let the black community and minorities, in general, know that the sky is the limit if you put your mind to it.”

Matthews added, “My kids are minorities and we need more minority role models in the upper areas in this nation and world in general, and what greater role models than the Obamas?”

Actually, Matthews is wrong. The Obamas are not role models. They never held a serious job in their lives, and spent careers promoting anti-American ideology. Obama’s record in the White House was abysmal, leaving a massive mess for Trump to clean up.

Twitter immediately mocked the tattoo, many noting that it looks nothing like the former First Family:

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What do you think? Does Matthews’s tattoo look like the Obamas? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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