Rio Grande Border Patrol Agents Assaulted While Apprehending Illegal Aliens

border patrol assaulted
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By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square)

Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents continue to be assaulted by foreign nationals illegally entering the U.S.

Despite this and other challenges, agents are apprehending tens of thousands of illegal foreign nationals a week, and seizing hundreds of pounds of fentanyl, meth and cocaine, over $1 million in currency, weapons and stolen vehicles.

They are also apprehending known sex offenders, those with open warrants and convicted murderers.

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U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, who’s testified under oath more than once that there’s a crisis at the southern border and Border Patrol agents have no operational control over it, has increasingly been reporting on RGV Sector agent success stories.

The sector covers more than 320 river miles, 250 coastal miles and 19 Texas counties.

Ortiz reported Friday that despite four agents being assaulted over the past week, RGV agents overall apprehended 34,124 illegal foreign nationals and reported at least 10,866 known gotaways. Gotaways are those who evade capture by law enforcement and made their way into the U.S and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

Agents also seized $80,500 worth of cash, 580 pounds of marijuana, 202 pounds of fentanyl, 15 pounds of meth, two pounds of heroin, two pounds of cocaine, and 10 firearms. They also arrested 14 sex offenders, nine known gang members and four individuals with open arrest warrants.

This total includes the data he reported a day earlier.

On April 13, within a 24-hour period, he said RGV agents apprehended 5,400 illegal foreign nationals and seized 59 pounds of marijuana, 14 pounds of fentanyl, 13 pounds of meth, and two pounds of cocaine. They also seized $55,000 worth of cash and two firearms. They also apprehended three sex offenders, one gang member and one individual with an open warrant wanted for homicide.

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Just days before, on April 10, Ortiz announced that over a 72-hour time period, that despite two Border Patrol agents being assaulted, agents apprehended 12,200 illegal foreign nationals and seized three firearms and two stolen vehicles.

They also arrested five sex offenders, five gang members and one murderer.

On April 11, he reported that in the past week, 11 agents were assaulted by illegal foreign nationals. RGV agents in one week apprehended 34,600 illegal foreign nationals, and reported at least 10,100 known gotaways. They also apprehended 11 known sex offenders, seven with open warrants for their arrest, and four gang members.

Agents also seized $1.24 million worth of currency, 146 pounds of meth, 106 pounds of fentanyl, 39 pounds of ecstasy, 12 pounds of cocaine, and 29 firearms.

During the first weekend of the month, over a 48-hour period, Ortiz reported on April 3 that agents had apprehended over 10,070 illegal foreign nationals. They also seized 52 pounds of fentanyl, 38 pounds of ecstasy, 11 pounds of meth, and 11 pounds of cocaine. They seized $48,000 worth of cash, 20 firearms and five stolen vehicles.

They apprehended five sex offenders, four people with warrants, and one gang member.

Data released by Ortiz continues to contradict testimony given to Congress by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

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When asked last month by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, “How many murderers have you released into America?” Mayorkas replied, “I’m not aware of any murderer.”

Cruz also asked him how many rapists and child molesters had been released into the country because of his catch and release policy. He also asked Mayorkas how many gotaways were murderers and rapists. Mayorkas said he didn’t know, either didn’t answer his question, or sat in silence.

Mayorkas also couldn’t answer how many known or suspected terrorists CBP agents had apprehended. At the time of his testimony, nearly 300 known or suspected terrorists had been apprehended in fiscal 2023, The Center Square reported.

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