Ridiculous! Amazon Applies “Racial Prejudice” Warning to Tom & Jerry Cartoons

As infuriating as political correctness can be, sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh. Amazon is applying a “racial prejudice” warning to Tom and Jerry cartoons on Amazon Prime.


Tom and Jerry cartoons on television are being accompanied by a warning that they may depict scenes of “racial prejudice.” The classic cat and mouse cartoons, some made more than 70 years ago, carry a warning for subscribers to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

There have been claims of racist stereotyping in the depiction of a black maid in the cartoon series…Amazon’s streaming subscription service, formerly branded as LoveFilm, includes the cartoons in its comedy collection.

But Tom and Jerry: The Complete Second Volume is accompanied by the caution: “Tom and Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.”

Is this what America is coming to? We’re going to scour nearly 70-year-old cartoons looking for “prejudice”? Do we really have nothing better to do than this?

And that’s assuming that the racism charge holds any water at all. Tom and Jerry aren’t humans – they’re a cat and a mouse. If the PC police are going to start accusing animals of racial prejudice, that’s a sign they’ve officially run out of meaningful missions.

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