Republicans Who Blame Trump For Georgia Senate Losses Need To Look In The Mirror

georgia senate losses

As Republicans pick themselves up off the floor and are still reeling in the aftermath of the Georgia Senate run-off elections, a piece in Politico is quick to suggest that the GOP is putting the blame for loss of the elections squarely on the shoulders of one Donald J. Trump.

By GOP, they mean anonymous Capitol Hill staffers, consultants, and others who wouldn’t go on the record.

By most accounts, Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue had good chances of being re-elected. So, what happened?

Establishment Republicans Blame Trump For Georgia Senate Losses

If one takes a quick perusal of social media, there is plenty of speculation, no, a belief, by average Americans, that the Georgia Senate races were a repeat, déjà vu, of November 3.

When right out of the box you have 75% of Georgia voters asked in an exit poll say they believe the 2020 presidential election was unfair, that is not the fault of Donald Trump, it is what people saw with their own eyes. 

Average Americans are not the problem with the Republican Party. But the people those average Americans sent to Washington and who wasted no time becoming full blown swamp creatures seem to think they are.

The fact is, Politico is right, only not in the way they think they are. There are fractures in the Republican Party, but they were not caused by Donald Trump, they were exposed by him.

There are more and more of those average Americans who believe that the Republican Party is fast becoming the Party of Trump.

The days of going along to get along, at least for the people who cast their votes for President Trump, are over.

Most people know that if they walk into a bar and see their Republican senator having drinks with a Democrat senator, nothing good is going to come from that.

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McConnell Met The Enemy And He Is Us

As long as we are assigning blame, shouldn’t the recent activities of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell come into play?

No reasonable person will argue that government spending is under control. The budget for fiscal year 2021 is roughly $4.8 trillion.

But the recent COVID stimulus bill, when combined with a government spending bill, proved to many Americans that the Republican Party won’t represent them.

Mitch McConnell, apparently channeling his inner Marie Antoinette, thought the American people would have no trouble with a check for $600 while $10 million of their tax dollars would be sent to Pakistan for gender studies. 

Let them eat cake is probably not a good get-out-the-vote-strategy.

Attempting to blame RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel might be a stretch but blaming Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certainly is not.

While masquerading as Republicans, both Kemp, who Trump campaigned for, and Raffensperger made little to no attempt to get to the bottom of any of the allegations of voter fraud. Anything Stacy Abrams and her ilk has demanded, they have gotten.

Abrams made talk show rounds on Monday night gloating about the absence of signature matching. One almost has to ask the question, why are Kemp and Raffensperger so afraid of her?

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Republican Voters Won’t Take It Anymore

If establishment Republicans and anonymous Republican sources are looking to assign blame, they should look nowhere else but in the mirror.

Something is happening in the Republican Party and it is not going to end well for those establishment swampies and anonymous sources.

Those 70 million plus people are more than ready to construct a new (and improved?) Republican Party that does not include Washington D.C. values.