Republicans Blast Liz Cheney And Adam Kinzinger Over January 6 Committee Hearing

Republicans Blast Liz Cheney And Adam Kinzinger Over January 6 Committee Hearing

Republican leaders are being urged within their party to discipline a pair of anti-Trump GOP representatives taking part in Nancy Pelosi’s Select Committee on the Capitol riot of January 6.

GOP congressmen are upset that Pelosi-appointed Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have used their televised platform to bash former President Trump for allegedly instigating the riot. 

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Rep. Good: ‘I Think They’ve left The Republican Party, Based On Their Actions’

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs sought during a closed-door meeting Tuesday to exile both Cheney and Kinzinger from the Republican conference. 

“I think they’ve left the Republican Party, based on their actions,” said Republican Congressman Bob Good.

“I think that they should be removed from their committees as Republicans,” Good said. “And I support an effort that took place this morning in the conference meeting.”

“I personally think that if someone is going to serve on a committee that was not selected by [Republican leaders], then perhaps they should no longer be on their committees or part of the conference,” Rep. Debbie Lesko told The Hill.

The Hill reported, “The outcry on the right is creating a headache for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other GOP leaders, who have eyes on flipping control of the House next year and are scrambling to keep their conference united to advance that goal.”

“They have few good options when it comes to Cheney, the daughter of a former vice president, and Kinzinger, a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,” The Hill noted.

The Hill noted, “Both Cheney and Kinzinger appear unfazed by any threats of retribution from their GOP colleagues, saying they are solely focused on upholding their oath to the Constitution and getting the facts of the events of Jan. 6.”

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Rep. Kinzinger: ‘I Know Liz Will Stand For Democracy’

“We had a big attack on Jan. 6. We heard very emotional testimony today. And that’s what’s on the forefront of my mind. And if people want to get petty — that’s fine,” Kinzinger told reporters after the first hearing of the committee on Tuesday.

Kinzinger became distraught and emotional at the hearing, fighting back tears more than once. 

“Democracies are not defined by our bad days,” he said. “We’re defined by how we come back from bad days. How we take accountability for that.”

“We may have our deep differences on other policy issues, but we are all Americans today. And we thank you for holding that line,” Kinzinger said to the assembled Capitol Police who also testified at the hearing.



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