Republican Thomas Massie Wants Trump To Bring Home All Troops From Afghanistan: ‘Not Worth One More Gold Star Family’

Republican Thomas Massie Wants Trump To Bring Home All Troops From Afghanistan: 'Not Worth One More Gold Star Family'

On Thursday, Republican Congressman Thomas Massie said that he is fully behind President Donald Trump’s stated desire to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

“We are trying to support his efforts in the National Defense Authorization Act by offering an amendment that would codify what he wants to do, which is get us out of Afghanistan,” Massie said on Fox News.

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Massie agrees with Trump: It’s time to end the U.S. war in Afghanistan

“Not just to withdraw some troops but to withdraw all of the troops,” the Republican from Kentucky added.

The congressman also thanked Trump for being the first president in three decades to not start a new war.

A U.S. official told Fox News that four months ago five military bases in Afghanistan were closed as part of an agreement signed with the Taliban.

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U.S. forces withdrawing was part of an agreement created months ago

The deal additionally included all U.S. forces withdrawing from the bases in the first 135 days, a goal achieved as of Tuesday, according to President Trump’s special representative to the talks, Zalmay Khalilzad.

“The U.S. has worked hard to carry out the 1st phase of its commitments under the Agreement, including to reduce forces & depart five bases. NATO troops have come down in proportional numbers,” Khalilzad posted on Twitter.


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Massie wants to end the war – but will Nancy Pelosi allow it if it makes Trump look good?

Massie said that it might be difficult to get House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to allow a vote on the amendment.

“I think she senses that Trump would be stronger in the election if he keeps this promise,” Massie said. “Also, [Republican Congressman] Andy Biggs and I have sent an open letter to the president encouraging him to follow his gut instinct.”

“It’s not worth one more Gold Star family,” Massie concluded. “Afghanistan is not.”

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