Republican House Reportedly Set To Approve Bill Which Earmarks $1 Million To ‘Fetish’ Sex Party Group

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The new Chuck Schumer ‘Minibus’ spending bill is being opposed by conservatives for all kinds of reasons.

Here’s one more: Among the billions in spending, $1 million is reportedly going toward an event that celebrates ‘kink.’

That’s right – taxpayer-funded ‘sex parties’, according to Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).

That likely will be passed by the Republican-controlled House.

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Taxpayer-Funded BDSM

Catholic Voter reports, “The Republican-controlled House is set to approve a spending bill that would earmark one million dollars in taxpayer money toward a Philadelphia-based LGBTQ group that hosts a monthly bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism (BDSM) ‘fetish’ party.”

“Sen. Bob Casey, Sen. John Fetterman, and Rep. Brendan Boyle, all D-PA, advocated for the earmark toward the William Way LGBT Community Center (popularly known as “WayGay”). Casey and Boyle are self-professed Catholics,” the story noted. “Casey is up for reelection to a fourth term in November in what is projected to be a competitive race.”

The story continued:

Advancing American Freedom Policy Director John Shelton took to X (formerly Twitter) Tuesday to expose some of the details of the under-the-radar earmark.

“This week,” Shelton wrote, “the GOP-controlled House will affirmatively vote to send $1,000,000 of your taxpayer dollars to an LGBT Center known as ‘WayGay’ that… SERVES as the venue for a monthly BDSM party known as the Aviary, infamous for being Philadelphia’s ‘longest running kink and fetish party.’”

“Don’t worry, though, according to their website: ‘Genitals and anuses must remain covered in non-play areas,’” he added.

According to its website, the Aviary “is an improvisational interactive theater night focusing on ontological deconstruction of the political theory concepts of Contract and Domination, as put forth by Carole Pateman and Charles Mills.”

“[The Aviary] often utilizes concepts that involve fetish, as well as BDSM,” the website specifies.

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Sex Party Funded with Your Tax Dollars?

It gets arguably worse.

More from Catholic Voter, “In addition to the rule regarding “[g]enitals and anuses,” the Aviary’s website also lists several other “Rules of Play,” including, “The Dungeon Monitors’ (DM) word is final,” “Bodily fluids (blood, saliva, etc.) may not leave the body,” and “The Organizers and the Venue take no responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss sustained during the event.”

“The site also notes that its venue contains ‘two other rooms that are currently unavailable’ during present ‘renovations” the report noted. “To this, Shelton sardonically remarked: ‘But hey, let’s send them $1M so they can get those two other kink play rooms back in action!”

To say this is unacceptable is an understatement.

So as you continue to see prices go up and the dollar valued less, remember this is where our leaders want to send your tax dollars.

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