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Report: MSNBC Courting Shepard Smith, May Move Chuck Todd to Morning Slot

Reports surfacing out of MSNBC suggest the network is actively pursuing former Fox News personality Shepard Smith and considering moving Chuck Todd to a morning timeslot.

Would there be any marriage more made in heaven than MSNBC, the anti-Trump network, and Rachel Maddow-lite, the anti-Trump journalist?

The news comes following a Daily Beast report suggesting that the network is “bracing for a major 2020 shakeup,” a move designed to “shed ratings dead weight” as we approach the election.

Todd is portrayed as the “ratings-challenged” dead weight while Smith is seen as the knight in shining armor coming to rescue the network.

It sounds like the network is all in on Shep.

“It’s unclear what slot he would take,” an MSNBC insider told the Beast, “but we’d want him in primetime.”

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Chuck Todd Not Happy

The article suggests that Chuck Todd, a mainstay of the network, is not pleased with rumors of being kicked to a less prominent morning timeslot.

“Todd is said to be resisting such a move,” the Daily Beast indicates. “Several sources inside NBC cited the perception that his new slot would hurt him with an even bigger dip.”

They also note that Todd is considered to be a ‘ratings hammock,’ hanging low between two more successful programs.


The disrespect as MSNBC courts Smith has to hurt. Worse, there’s no guarantee that when all is said and done that the network even gets their man. Another, exponentially more biased network is stalking Shep as well.

“We are well aware [Jeff] Zucker [CNN president] is also pursuing him,” one source claims, “as are a number of the networks.”

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Shep the Drama Queen

There will be a lot of egg on everybody’s face if MSNBC isn’t able to secure Smith following this report.

What makes him such a prized target? Both Todd and Smith were named to our list of the most anti-Trump journalists on television.

On Todd:

The man Rush Limbaugh calls ‘F. Chuck Todd’ is relentlessly overbearing. As host of “Meet the Press Daily,” Chuck is under the impression he must be taken seriously as a journalist, yet he delivers bias on a daily basis so transparent it could only work on NBC.

On Smith:

For years now, Shepard Smith has looked like a consistently befuddled man, lost on a network that prides itself on being fair and balanced, both virtues he does not possess … Smith has been described by co-hosts at the network as “inaccurate” and/or “clueless.”

Smith, however, would draw curiosity simply by being a former Fox News personality. And once people were sucked in, he’d knock them off their feet with his overly dramatic delivery, something low-information viewers motivated by emotion and not facts would fall for in a heartbeat.

Like we said – a marriage made in heaven.