Report: Matt Gaetz May Retire From Congress Early, Pursue Job With Newsmax

Axios is reporting that Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) is eyeing an early retirement from Congress and is interested in pursuing a job at NewsMax.

Axios is reporting that pro-Trump Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) is eyeing an early retirement from Congress and is interested in pursuing a job at NewsMax.

The outlet cites three sources that claim Gaetz is “seriously considering not seeking re-election and possibly leaving Congress early for a job at Newsmax.”

“Gaetz has told some of his allies he’s interested in becoming a media personality, and floated taking a role at Newsmax,” they write.

One of the sources even states that the emphatic Trump supporter and the network have already engaged in discussions about the role he might fill.

The congressman’s office did not respond to requests for comment according to Axios.

Gaetz was elected to Congress in 2016 and has been a loyal supporter of former President Donald Trump even after his departure from office.

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Matt Gaetz To Newsmax?

Gaetz, at only 38-years of age, seems poised for a more expanded role in Congress as a foil to the far-left radicals currently leading the House.

He represents what Axios describes as “a politically potent district on the Florida panhandle.”

Additionally, the GOP flipped 15 seats in the House this past election cycle and is seemingly on track to take control again in 2022.

Such a victory would provide Gaetz with even more national prominence.

A move to Newsmax would be reminiscent of similar moves made by popular Republicans such as former congressmen Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz, both of whom are contributors to Fox News.

While many feel that each of these men would better serve the American people by using their talents in Congress, as opposed to opining about politics on network news outlets, Axios does suggest “a prominent spot in the media could give Gaetz a platform for a future national political role.”

Gaetz, according to a report in The Hill in 2019, had at one point thought about running for a Senate seat.

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Poised For A Fight

Gaetz, as recently as last month, seemed poised for a fight in the ongoing civil war between moderate Republicans and those still loyal to former President Trump.

After being called out by anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger (IL) as a target of a newly formed PAC, Gaetz fired back in colorful fashion.

The Florida Republican recently blasted the Democrat stimulus bill, insisting the only way to truly stimulate the economy is by opening it up to businesses and the American consumer.

“There is no stimulus in Washington, D.C. that can do more for our people than a free and open economy,” he said.

He ripped the Biden administration for the current humanitarian crisis at the border.

“The Biden-Harris administration, they don’t want to extend physical security at the border, they don’t want to give our border patrol more resources,” Gaetz said in a Fox News appearance.

“Instead, what they want to do is they want to take $700 million dollars and go try to make Central America great again.”

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