‘Reagan’ Starring Dennis Quaid And Jon Voight Gets Summer Release Date – ‘This Is An Important Movie’

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The upcoming biopic Reagan, which stars Dennis Quaid as the legendary former President Ronald Reagan and also features the conservative actor Jon Voight, has just gotten a summer release date, as it is set to hit theaters on August 30.

Reagan Gets Summer Release Date

Deadline reported that Reagan has been picked up for North American distribution by ShowBiz Direct, making it the debut release from the recently launched studio. ShowBiz Direct is led by the exhibition veteran Kevin Mitchell, former Lionsgate distribution president Richie Fay, and the former co-president of Open Road distribution, Scott Kennedy.

“I’ve had my eyes on this movie for a while. Dennis Quaid does such an amazing job portraying Reagan,” stated Mitchell, adding that the goal of ShowBiz Direct “is to help close the gap between the creative community and exhibition while embracing the theatrical release of motion pictures in a very transparent way. Reagan was sought by many, and we are happy that we could reach an agreement with Mark Joseph and his team.”

Reagan is the first full-length biopic of the former president, and it follows him from his childhood all the way to the White House. It opens with an aging Viktor Petrovich (Jon Voight), now 90 years old, being visited by an up-and-coming Russian leader who goes to him wanting to know how the Soviet Union lost. Petrovich, the spy who knows absolutely everything about Reagan, responds by telling the story about the life of the conservative icon.

Along with Quaid and Voight, the film stars Penelope Ann Miller as Nancy Reagan, Mena Suvari as Reagan’s first wife Jane Wyman, Lesley-Anne Down as Margaret Thatcher, David Henrie as teenage Reagan, and Kevin Dillon as Jack Warner.

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‘This Is An Important Movie’

“Portraying Ronald Reagan was an enormous challenge,” Quaid said in a statement. “This is an important movie, one of my most interesting roles and I am really excited to work with the ShowBiz team to get this film opened in theaters this Summer.”

Reagan was filmed in 2020, so it has been on the shelf for years at this point. In 2021, Quaid gushed over playing Reagan, describing this as “maybe the most challenging role … in my career.”

“For one thing, he was my favorite president,” Quaid said. “I mean, he’s an icon. I’m really looking forward to it.”

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Quaid ‘Admired’ Reagan

Quaid has previously admitted that he was confused at first when he was offered the role of Reagan. 

“I didn’t understand why they were offering me Ronald Reagan because I just didn’t see it,” Quaid told Entertainment Weekly. “I admired him so much, and so I had a chill of fear go down my spine when I was offered it. That’s usually kind of a sign that maybe I should do it, because it’s out of my comfort zone.”

Reagan Producer Mark Joseph, however, knew from the start that Quaid was the perfect person to portray the former president.

“He already has the look, and then he just had that smile and that optimism, the kind of things you can’t make up for with hair and makeup,” Joseph said of the actor. “Honestly, if you had magically told me you could have any actor you want in Hollywood or Dennis Quaid, I literally would have chosen Dennis Quaid.”

Despite what liberals say, Reagan was one of the best presidents that our country ever had, so it’s about time a biopic of him was finally made. Quaid should be applauded for defying liberal Hollywood to make this film honoring Reagan, and it will certainly be interesting to see what he brings to the role!

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