Rand Paul Temporarily Blocks $40 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine: ‘Slap in the Face’ to Struggling Americans

Rand Paul temporarily blocked passage of the $40 billion Ukraine aid package, thwarting attempts by Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell to push it through before the Senate leaves town for the week.

Rand Paul temporarily blocked passage of the nearly $40 billion Ukraine aid package, thwarting attempts by Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell to push it through before the Senate leaves town for the week.

The Republican Senator from Kentucky demanded changes to the bill involving providing access to an Inspector General to monitor how the funds are being spent.

In other words, basic due diligence for a massive sum of taxpayer money.

Both Majority Leader Schumer and Minority Leader McConnell wanted to put his changes in an amendment and hold a vote before passing the bill, knowing the vote would squash it.

In a courageous move, against what CNN describes as refusing to blink in the face of “high-profile pressure from the two leaders,” Paul objected and insisted his changes be added to the text of the bill.

The Hill reports that the procedure could delay the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine into next week and “potentially beyond.”

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Rand Paul Blocks Ukraine Aid Package

Senator Rand Paul took to social media to explain his motives.

Paul cited his oath of office to the United States Constitution and explained the move was solely for the purpose of providing oversight access of the taxpayer fund to an Inspector General.

“While I sympathize with the people of Ukraine, and commend their fight against Putin, we cannot continue to spend money we don’t have,” he explained. “Passing this bill brings the total we’ve sent to Ukraine to nearly $54 billion over the course of two months.”

The $40 billion aid package to Ukraine – which provides both humanitarian and military aid – was passed by a 368-57 vote in the House earlier this week.

Paul’s next explanation was one that rings so very true for many Americans right now – Yes, we sympathize with Ukraine, but this nation under President Biden’s failed economic policies is suffering as well. And we can’t afford to keep throwing money away to everybody else.

“It’s threatening our own national security, and it’s frankly a slap in the face to millions of taxpayers who are struggling to buy gas, groceries, and find baby formula,” said Paul.

The man is the lone member of the Senate with an actual spine.

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Accused of Being Putin’s Puppet™

You may be surprised to learn that the media, Democrats, and now war-hungry Republicans believe that supporting the American people before divvying up their money to countries halfway across the world means you’re in bed with Vladimir Putin.

Or, you may not, knowing full well how the corruption in Washington works.

“It’s clear from the junior senator from Kentucky’s remarks he doesn’t want to aid Ukraine,” Schumer alleged.

“Ukraine is not asking us to fight this war. They’re only asking for the resources they need to defend themselves against this deranged invasion, and they need help right now,” McConnell added.

Do you know who needs help right now? Americans – Every damn time they go to a gas station or a grocery store and see the moths escaping from their wallet because it’s been empty for so long.

The media meanwhile, dug up an old clip of the late Senator John McCain claiming Rand Paul “is now working for Vladimir Putin” after he blocked an attempt to vote on a treaty for NATO membership for Montenegro in 2017.

Yawn. At some point, you just have to laugh at the kneejerk stupidity coming from that dynamic triumvirate of uselessness.

Because only in Congress would oversight of taxpayer money receive a bipartisan objection. Only in Congress does support of America first lead to charges of cavorting with the enemy.

Paul’s objections on behalf of the American people echo one of the few Republicans who voted against the Ukraine aid package in the House, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene also noted her oath in saying, “It’s time to pay attention to our country and our borders.”

Greene slammed neoconservative Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw over his vote to provide the $40 billion in aid with one simple question: “How does that help Americans?”

It doesn’t. They don’t care about money when it comes to other nations, and they don’t care about security when it comes to ours.

$40 billion in aid to Ukraine when just a few short years ago Congress was nickel and diming then-President Trump’s requests for a fraction of that amount to fund a border wall?

It’s disgusting. And if that makes us Ultra-MAGA, then sign me up.

Rest assured, if you’re doing things that piss off Schumer, McCain, and Cocaine Mitch, then you’re doing something right for the American people.

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