Rand Paul Slams Impeachment ‘Farce’ That ‘Should Be Dismissed’

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On Sunday, Senator Rand Paul said in an op-ed that the impeachment process against former President Donald Trump was a “farce” and called for it to be dismissed.  

Paul wrote in his op-ed “Boycott Sham Impeachment” for The Hill, “The Constitution says two things about impeachment — it is a tool to remove the office holder, and it must be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.”

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Sen. Paul: Trump Not To Blame For Capitol Violence

“If Justice Roberts is not presiding over this, then it is not impeachment,” Paul wrote. “This charade will be nothing more than bitter partisanship and political theater.”

According to Politico, sources in both parties “close to the impeachment trial negotiations,” claimed that Chief Justice Roberts didn’t want a role in the trial and a spokesperson for Supreme Court judge declined to comment to Politico on the matter.

Paul also said a politician merely telling a crowd to “fight to take back your country” doesn’t mean he or she provoked violence, as many have accused Trump of doing in his speech preceding the Capitol Hill attack.

“If we are to blame politicians for the most violent acts of their craziest supporters, then many of my colleagues would face some pretty harsh charges themselves,” Paul said.

Paul Revisits Bernie Supporter Shooting Republican Congressmen

The senator continued, “I’ve been shot at, assaulted and harassed by supporters of the left, including some who directly said the words of politicians moved them to this violence.”

Sen. Paul then brought up the 2017 incident in which a reported Bernie Sanders supporter shot at him and other Republicans on a baseball field while practicing for the annual congressional baseball game.

Paul wrote, “I was there at the ball field when a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter almost killed Steve Scalise and seriously wounded several others.”

“At the time, Democrats were arguing that the GOP plan for health care was ‘you get sick, then they let you die’ Paul said.

“Is it any wonder an insane left-wing gunman took that rhetoric to heart and concluded: ‘If the GOP is going to let me die then maybe I’ll just kill them first?”

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‘This So-Called Impeachment Is A Farce’

Libertarian-leaning Republican Paul then ended his op-ed by denouncing the Trump impeachment as a “farce” that should be stopped.

Paul wrote, “I am more than willing to work with Democrats to find common ground on protecting civil liberties or ending some of our many foreign military interventions, but no unity or common ground will be found while Democrats continue to fight the last election.”

“This so-called impeachment is a farce and should be dismissed before it is even allowed to begin,” Paul ended.

The impeachment trial is scheduled to begin the week of February 8. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said earlier in January that he hasn’t made a decision yet on whether to vote to convict Trump.

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