Rand Paul: There’s No Difference Between Speaker Mike Johnson and The Democrats


Once again, the Republican Party completely caved and gave the Democrats everything they wanted. This time, GOP Speaker Mike Johnson flip-flopped on FISA. He’s also about to cave on more foreign aid for Ukraine and Israel.

Enter Senator Rand Paul, who has never been shy about criticizing his own party.

And now the senator is turning his sights on Speaker Johnson.

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Paul Says No Difference Between Johnson and Democrats

According to Paul, Johnson has “completely changed” and sold out his conservative principles since becoming House Speaker, and specifically focused on his recent support for the FISA government surveillance program.

Paul said that Republican Johnson was now no different from the Democrats.

Sen. Paul made his remarks on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures.

“People have to be strong in their convictions. He was seen as a conservative before he came to the speakership,” Paul said. “He’s completely changed and lost all his principles on the idea that we shouldn’t spy on Americans without a warrant.”

“Johnson hasn’t held his ground,” Paul continued. “He has power. He has a majority. Use the power of the purse, Speaker Johnson. Do something to make us think you are different than the Democrats, but so far, I don’t see a lot of difference.”

Johnson angered conservatives last week by helping to pass legislation that would reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act’s Section 702 for two more years.

This allows for warrantless surveillance authority.

Paul has long opposed Section 702 and federal government surveillance schemes in general.

Paul was asked by the Fox News host if the government should be trusted with these warrantless spy powers.

“Absolutely not,” Paul responded. “Americans shouldn’t be spied on by their own government.

“The Fourth Amendment was put in by our founding fathers to protect us. FISA doesn’t obey the Fourth Amendment,” he added. “Speaker Johnson was incredibly wrong.”

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‘The Democrats Got Everything They Wanted’

Paul also slammed Johnson over an appropriations deal the Speaker made with the Democrats that cleared Congress last month to fund the government for fiscal year 2024.

“The Democrats got everything they wanted in the spending,” Paul lamented, which included Ukraine spending.

Speaker Johnson isn’t the only Republican leader helping the Democrats, either. After Senate Leader Mitch McConnell announced he would be stepping down from his leadership role, he said he would remain a senator to fight against the “isolationist” forces in the GOP – meaning Rand Paul, for one.

McConnell is a staunch advocate of the US funding Ukraine.

Paul said of McConnell leaving leadership, “Anyone at this point would be better because he now has decided that Ukraine and sending our money to Ukraine — that we have to borrow — is more important than anything, including our border.”

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