Sen. Rand Paul says that he “strongly believes” that former President Barack Obama was behind the FBI’s illegitimate investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Paul: ‘I don’t believe any of this could have happened without President Obama’

Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked Paul on Tuesday, “Do you think that it is right to let the American people know who decided to unmask General Flynn from those phone call transcripts?”

“Absolutely and I don’t believe any of this could have happened without President Obama,” Paul said. “I completely believe that not only did he know — and others have already said that he knew about the conversation, he knew about trying to go after General Flynn and that it was being directed from the White House.”

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“So I have every expectation that President Obama is in the middle of this,” Paul added. “But I think it’s worse. I think you go back to Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the whole fake dossier and all the stuff, all of the FISA warrants that were I think improperly and illegally gotten started on the Trump campaign, I really strongly believe that President Obama gave specific and direct oversight and direct permission for this.”

‘The media have treated President Obama with kid gloves’

“Think about it. We have never allowed a secret court to be used against a presidential campaign,” Paul continued. “Don’t you think that was sensitive enough that it went all the way to the very top?”

“So, yes, the media have treated President Obama with kid gloves,” he added. “Someone needs to ask him directly, did you approve of Operation Crossfire Hurricane? I think the answer is yes.”

MacCallum followed up, “So, you know, I mean, to put the shoe on the other foot, a lot — do you have evidence of that? You say you’re sure that the president — the former president was involved in this, why are you so sure?”


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Sen. Paul replied, “Well, we’ll find out. I’m hoping that a lot of this will be declassified, but I have such a strong feeling that this was such a sensitive subject — he’s already admitted or admitted through people that worked for him, that the Flynn investigation he knew a lot about and they were asking him his permission.”

“On the way out, Obama officials were all bragging, oh, we’re going to save the republic from this guy Donald Trump by, you know, sending out information to all the intelligence communities about him and his involvement with Russia,” Paul reminded viewers.

“They either truly believed it… but I think it was directed by President Obama,” Paul said. “And I think that’s what we’re going to discover.”

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