Rand Paul Hammers ‘Emasculated’ Republicans For Selling Out to Democrats on Spending Deal

Rand Paul blasted Republicans for selling out on a bipartisan spending deal, accusing his colleagues of being "emasculated" and surrendering power to the Democrats.
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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul blasted Republicans for selling out on a bipartisan spending deal, accusing his colleagues of being “emasculated” and surrendering power to the Democrats.

Rather than agreeing to a series of short-term bills with the GOP taking control of the House in January, Republican leadership is negotiating a massive omnibus spending bill that will fund the government through 2023.

Meaning the power of the purse will have been abdicated for an entire year, despite the GOP winning the House in 2022. Details of that bill still have to be hammered out, but lawmakers have agreed to a framework.

And that has Senator Paul furious.

In an appearance with Larry Kudlow on the Fox Business Network, Paul accused Republicans of being fake fiscal conservatives.

“This brings upon us the lie that Republicans really are fiscally conservative,” he said. “The Democrats aren’t. They will not pretend to be fiscally conservative. Not one of them up here gives a darn about the debt.”


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Rand Paul Blasts Emasculated Republicans Over Spending Bill Agreement

The point here is obviously that, while the elections didn’t turn out exactly as Republicans expected, American voters still handed them control of the House. And thus, control of spending.

Part of that reason is due to out-of-control inflation-enhancing spending by the Democrats. But what does it matter if you can’t even discern a Republican from a Democrat these days when it comes to taxpayer money?

“The Republican Party is just the Democrats’ farm team,” The Political Insider’s guest contributor Derek Ellerman recently explained. “They agree fundamentally on nearly all matters with the Democrats.”

Senator Paul seemingly agrees with Ellerman’s assessment even as he urged his colleagues in the Senate to squash any potential omnibus spending bill coming down the pike.

“It would take 41 votes. If 41 one of us said ‘No’ and held our ground until there was a compromise, we could force Democrats to reduce spending,” he urged.

But alas, Rand is not optimistic. And based on the establishment GOP’s track record, why would he be?

“We have completely and totally abdicated the power of the purse. Republicans are emasculated,” he railed. “They have no power and they are unwilling to gain that power back.”

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Paul is One of the Few Fiscal Conservatives Left

It’s difficult to argue that the party of Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, and turtledove Mitch McConnell isn’t emasculated.

But Paul himself provides hope and is one GOP senator at least who should be heralded as a true fiscal conservative. He has been a lone voice in demanding accountability for massive spending in Ukraine. Other Republicans should model themselves after him.

Paul managed to temporarily delay a $40 billion military aid package for Ukraine earlier this year, demanding access for an Inspector General to monitor how the funds are being spent.

What a novel idea. Of course, Republicans refused to back him, so the money went through. It’s time Republicans started acting more like Paul, and less like Nancy Pelosi.

Just one month ago, President Biden asked Congress for another $37 billion in emergency aid for the Ukraine war. He hoped to sneak it in before Republicans took control of the House.

Is there any reason to doubt the new omnibus spending bill has included an agreement in its framework for this funding, if not more?

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