Radio Host Calls Obama’s Foreign Policy ‘Anti-American’

Chris Plante, a former CNN political correspondent and current radio talk show host, recently described President Obama’s foreign policy as “anti-American,” leading to negative results that “will reverberate for generations.”

Plante spoke to Ginni Thomas, and the man previously assigned to covering the Pentagon for the mainstream media referred to Obama’s policy as “disastrous.”

Via the Daily Caller:

As for the President’s legacy on national security and foreign policy, this former Pentagon correspondent for CNN says it’s “disastrous.” His foreign policy “has been an anti-American foreign policy. And, the negative results will reverberate for generations.”

He continues, “He has been kicking the can down the road with the Iranian nuclear weapons program. I think a big part of his legacy will be the emergence of the Islamic Republic as a nuclear armed power with intercontinental missiles. He walked away from Iraq recklessly and irresponsibly for selfish political reasons, foolishly, giving rise to the Islamic State which now owns northern Syria and much of northern Iraq. We are engaged in this ongoing low level warfare. President Obama in Libya knocked Gaddafi out of power and walked away and allowed it to turn into Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. He sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of al Qaeda, the group that assassinated Anwar Sadat over pro-American allies in the region. He has not just neglected, but punched Israel in the face. We’ve lost relations with Turkey. Our relations with Great Britain is on the rocks.”

Give Plante’s commentary a listen (relevant portion at 14:28) …


Plante’s commentary overall is really quite good.  He says the President “literally gets away with murder” when discussing drone strikes against Americans. And in regards to Obama’s overreach in power, Plante says the Founding Fathers would “be raising holy Hell” and that the media’s lack of accountability against this regime means “We might as well be East Germany in the bad old days.”

What do you think of Plante’s statement that Obama’s foreign policy is anti-American?


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