VIDEO: Queen Michelle Obama Uses Power to Stop Photographers… On a Public Street!

By accident, a photographer with Vocativ happened upon a power-walking Michelle Obama in Martha’s Vineyard during her family’s never-ending vacation. Then, on her order, that photographer was swarmed by people identified as Secret Service agents.

This is hardly the first time Michelle has abused her power to shut down the press. It wasn’t long ago that she forced a publication from printing photos of Malia Obama at a restaurant.

Watch (above) as one angry agent says, “Come on, really? Sir, she’s having a private moment right now.” Then, another agent did everything he could to block the shot, even as he was admitting he didn’t have the authority to actually prevent the filming… and could only limit distance.

As you can see from her body language, Michelle Obama was none too pleased with the recording.

No wonder the New York Times has called the Obama Administration’s image control “Orwellian.”

Why should Michelle have the ability to shut down the press? There is a reason why the media is expressly mentioned in the 1st Amendment, but Michelle doesn’t care.

H/T: The Blaze

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