Project Veritas Begs Supporters to ‘Give Us a Chance’ After James O’Keefe Ouster

Project Veritas sent a mass email to subscribers and donors begging them to remain with the conservative media group after a very public divorce with founder James O'Keefe.
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Project Veritas sent a mass email to subscribers and donors begging them to remain with the conservative media group after a very public divorce with founder James O’Keefe.

The email seeks to clarify some things regarding the split and outlines some issues that caused conflict and are currently under an independent two-dimensional audit.

“We understand and share your frustrations,” the emotional letter begins. “We all love and respect James and hope he returns. This is difficult for everyone.”

The missive contends that Project Veritas did not oust O’Keefe.

“James’ ‘removal’ was not a removal,” they write. “He specifically said he did not resign, and the board did not fire him.”

The email can be read in its entirety below …

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Project Veritas Explains James O’Keefe Departure

The Political Insider reported earlier this week that James O’Keefe was placed on paid leave as the board of Project Veritas sorted through their next course of action.

The suspension was reportedly due to O’Keefe’s attempt to fire the group’s chief strategy and financial officers over alleged conflicts over fundraising.

That issue was front and center of the email sent out to supporters attempting to explain why there was internal strife between the board and O’Keefe.

“Breaking the Bylaws of the organization by unilaterally dismissing the CFO and co-opting another board member’s vote by saying that board member supported the dismissal (they did not),” was the first issue mentioned regarding the audit.

Also of note, the outfit claims the audit was seeking to investigate claims O’Keefe used “donations for private benefit” and that he violated “employment laws/workplace safety regarding appropriate treatment of … employees.”

Previous reports have surfaced accusing O’Keefe of running a toxic work environment, with the Post Millenial reporting on “vague charges” that he was “a brutal taskmaster who demanded perfection.”

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Beg Donors to Stick With Them

The email goes on to practically beg donors to stick with them despite the inner turmoil and the ousting of their beloved founder, James O’Keefe.

They also accuse O’Keefe of not responding favorably to an olive branch to get him back on board with the group.

“He has been invited, but has chosen not to, engage in conversations with the board and management following steps taken so far with the goal of returning to Project Veritas,” they allege.

Even with his departure, the group claims to be “passionately dedicated to James’ mission” of exposing corruption.

“We hope that you might continue to give us a chance. We can’t stress how separate the board’s role is from daily operations here at PV,” they write. “We are still grinding and pursuing stories of great public importance.”

“In either case, thank you so much for your support in the past and we hope we might regain your trust if you’ll give us a chance.”

O’Keefe had strongly insinuated that his forced departure was due to an undercover video allegedly showing a Pfizer official losing his cool, destroying an iPad, and getting into a physical altercation with him after being confronted with footage of his own statements.

In that video, the Pfizer employee claimed the company he works for wanted to ‘mutate’ the COVID virus to make new vaccines and profit off of them.

That individual later claimed he was simly making wild statements to impress the person he thought he was on a date with.

Project Veritas recently released a video response to Pfizer’s use of force by their security to keep the group’s journalists from asking questions.

“The mission and our work continue,” the email to donors reads.

Will you continue to support that mission now that O’Keefe is no longer there?

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