Priorities: John Kerry and Bill Nye Talk Oceans on Twitter with Middle East in Flames

For some strange reason the U.S. State Department has been focused on oceans this week and yesterday’s big event was a Twitter Q&A between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Secretary John Kerry:

Yes, because that is what Americans are clamoring for answers on – oceans.

Seemingly aware of the absurdity of leading a discussion on oceans with the Middle East in flames, this exchange was wedged into the Twitter chat:

H/T: Red Alert Politics

This ham-handed insertion of climate change into Middle East politics predictably led to these snarky responses:

To his credit, Kerry did respond to a question about priorities and the timing of the chat:

But Twitter users quickly pounced on those lame answers:

Unfortunately the fun was cut short by, you know, actual State Department work:

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