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Here’s Why You Don’t Let People Mock You For Praying

It happens with every tragedy in America. Political leaders and those with a heart not made of stone send out their thoughts and prayers to the victims, the families of the victims, and those impacted by the tragedy.

The same can be said for the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida, this past Wednesday.

The left, in their zeal to roll back gun rights in America, have taken a new tactic that is despicable – nay, deplorable. Without missing a beat, before they stop to ponder that the bodies of the victims have yet to be identified and the families notified, they mock those prayers.

They mock them viciously. They try to put you down for your beliefs. And they dance on the graves of the victims by laughing and pointing at your supposed “mental illness” for talking with God.

Need proof? Check out this Democrat candidate for Senate in the state of Tennessee:

What a tool. Comments like this disqualify somebody from holding a job at a local fast-food joint, let alone in Congress.

But he’s hardly the only tool out there. Liberals have been mocking prayers for some time. The church shooting in Texas this past November, for example …

The deadly rampage in California in 2015 …

The Las Vegas massacre …

It’s truly infuriating. Jeremy Frankel at the Daily Wire, however, penned a column in which he argues that you should “(n)ever let anyone mock you for praying” during times of tragedy.

“Prayer is the closest thing we can do to regulate evil,” Frankel writes. “And by reaching out to God, evil may be eradicated one day.”

“We don’t know, precisely because we cannot control this,” he adds, “but at least, in our darkest hours like those our nation faced yesterday, we can depend on prayer to be the way we shape our outlook on the world.”

“That is indeed something worth praying for.”

Amen to that!

What would you say to liberals mocking your thoughts and prayers during a time of tragedy? Share your thoughts below!