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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Don says:

    Just keep letting the left push their Socialist agenda and let middle America crush them like they did in 2016. This country isn’t just the left and right coasts. We have other people who are tired of giving all of their possessions away to people who refuse to work. Call it the Bible Belt, or call it sane people who don’t want to put up with insane politicians. But he will win, the left will lose and then we have to hear them cry about it all over again and look to find them comfort dogs, pussy hats, safe spaces, barking at th sky, safety pins, the list goes on and on for these nutjobs.

    1. Federal Man says:

      Well Said

  2. Chris vhfan says:

    You would have to be a complete moron to believe any of these polls , Optimus is full of libtards by the way .

    Biden has ZERO shot , after all he was a part of what brought America to it’s knees during the anti American Islamic communists 8 years of destruction.

    The ONLY thing Trump must figure out is controlling the mass democrat voter fraud in these elections , if nothing is done dem’s have a great chance of stealing the election but they have ZERO chance to win if the fraud is controlled.

    Thats why democrats fight so hard against any measure to investigate voter integrity .

    1. Michael says:

      democrats tried that tactic before always ahead in many polls, Hillary was the big shot last presidential, who came way ahead? hahah, their already trying to brain wash the population, sad, very sad, this country went backwards for 8 years, trumps trying his hardest to bring us back and he is fighting a wall, the wall of Pelosi and the socialist, this could be a great country if they would just work together, curb spending on important things, like keeping out illegals.

  3. Frank says:

    I wonder how they skewed the poll so a nobody like Shultz comes out ahead?
    I only know him from Hogan’s Heroes.

  4. David says:

    Yeah, right! Biden? Too old, too male, to white, too lackluster (about as exciting as cold, week-old lumpy oatmeal), too gaffe-prone, too many failed attempts, too conservative for the far left democrats. And a reputation as a sexual abuser.

    Also, demographics against him. He likely would lose the popular and the electoral vote to nearly any candidate but especially Trump who would clean the floor with him in the first debate.

  5. Raymond says:

    All these polls do not include another likable, effective and very suitable Republican against Trump, in the campaigns, because as I voted for Trump, as an Independent, he does carry too much baggage, in terms of his bombastic attitude, his difficulty in thinking first before talking and acting, together with the possibility of his tax evasion, his issue with the Russian connection, his defence in the possible impeachment issue, but as with Bill Clinton, it had to pass through both assemblies of the House and eventually, the Senate! I do not think Biden will win anything, in the campaigns and in the General Election, because I look upon him as a damp squid, too old, still feeling the death of his son, being very much a Catholic, and like Kerry and Hillary, being in too many campaigns, without achieving too much! If the Republicans can find a Reagan type of candidate, that may be a dark horse to surprise with a runaway win! I, with respect, do not think those ‘Liberal wild girls’ will have a chance, maybe only in California, and possibly in New York!

  6. Mike says:

    Joe “the hands” Biden,,,God help us

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