Progressive Democrats are looking for a “reset” following a poor showing in the 2020 elections, with Biden and centrists dominating the party’s left-wing over the last election cycle.

Progressives “Deeply Disappointed” With 2020

According to Politico, the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is looking for a “reset” after their sky-high expectations for 2020 came crashing down to the ground. Progressives are reportedly “deeply disappointed” with how this year has gone.

Progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were dominated in the presidential by Joe Biden, after he came back from behind and clinched the Democratic nomination after everyone else dropped out to support him.

“Progressives are like a superstar young athlete that is supposed to be coming into his prime but has still not established himself as a starter, let alone an all-star,” said Max Berger, the former director of progressive outreach for Warren’s presidential campaign.

While they managed to defeat three Democrat incumbents in primaries and take their seats in the House, the progressives failed to unseat a single Republican in the Congressional elections – a far cry from the 2018 mid-terms.

“We had a better showing this past year than we’ve had in a long time, but it’s still much worse than we might have hoped,” Berger added.

Politico notes specifically that the far-left didn’t get any traction with black voters: 

One issue became clear in the presidential primary: The inability to win over Black voters was a leading obstacle for progressives this year. Both Sanders and Warren failed to make headway with African Americans, and South Carolina dealt as big a blow to the Vermont senator’s campaign in 2020, as it had in 2016.

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Omar And AOC Worried A Biden Presidency Will Shut Them Out

The “reset” that progressives are looking for may certainly not happen under a Biden presidency, with it harder to attack when their own side is in charge. Disappointments remain there too, in multitude.

Representatives Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, both of the infamous “Squad,” have been frustrated with Biden’s cabinet and presidential transition team respectively.

Omar, agreeing with Bernie Sanders, said that progressives did not have a “big enough seat at the table” in Biden’s cabinet, while AOC noted that the transition team was full of corporate bigwigs, including those from Big Tech companies and Wall Street, which she said was just “horrible.”

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No Sympathy From Their Colleagues

The progressives will likely not get any sympathy from the rest of their Democrat colleagues, with many blaming them for their failure to produce a “blue wave” in November.

Some of the blame was placed on progressives spouting support for radical campaigns like “defund the police” and pushing for hardcore socialist policies.

Abigal Spanberger, a Representative for Virginia’s 7th District, allegedly was yelling on the Democratic caucus call in November, saying that “defund the police” movement almost cost her her race, and that Democrats must not say “socialism” ever again.

Politico’s Marc Caputo said that a Miami Democrat told him that the Democrats got “obliterated by Hispanics” in Florida, claiming that their campaigns to defund the police and support BLM likely “killed” their chances to take the state.