Police Union Leader: These ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Protests Are ‘Stupid S***’


New York PBA President Patrick Lynch told union supporters that he thinks the nationwide protests using the “hands up, don’t shoot” gestures are “stupid s***.”

Not only is it stupid, it’s a provably invalid argument.

Via Capital New York (HT Gateway Pundit):

In the audio recording, Lynch urges officers to police the streets in a way that protects them from critics.

“There’s a book they make for us where if you carried it with you, you won’t need to go to the gym,” Lynch said. “Every time there’s a problem, they tell us what we can’t do. They tell us what we shouldn’t do. They never tell us what we can do. We’re going to take that book, their rules and we’re going to protect ourselves because they won’t. We will do it the way they want us to do it. We will do it with their stupid rules, even the ones that don’t work.”

Lynch also complained about members of “the United States Congress on the steps of the Capitol raising their hand as if police officers aren’t protecting their rights to do stupid shit like that,” referring to a Dec. 11 demonstration in Washington.

Lynch went on to accuse the race-baiting mayor, Bill de Blasio, who was recently banned from attending police officer funerals, of acting more like the leader of “a f****** revolution.”

One could easily replace the middle word in that phrase with the word ‘Communist,’ and they’d have a tidier, more people-friendly, still accurate assessment.

Do you agree with the police union leader’s take on the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ phenomenon?  Share your thoughts below …

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