Pelosi Urges Military To Block ‘Unhinged’ President Trump From Nuclear Codes

nancy pelosi nuclear codes

As attempts to portray Donald Trump as mentally unhealthy and unstable increase, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Friday called on Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley to prevent the President Trump from having access to the nuclear codes.

Pelosi called the president “unhinged” and “dangerous.”

Since the rally-turned-riot on Wednesday in Washington D.C., Democrats have blamed President Trump for inciting the violence.

Attempting To Remove Trump From Office

In a statement, Pelosi explained her extraordinary move.

“This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) wrote.

“The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy,” she wrote.

Pelosi’s concern for President Trump “initiating military hostilities” come less than two weeks after Congress voted to block President Trump from withdrawing troops from the 20-year War in Afghanistan.

With just twelve days left in Donald Trump’s presidency, Democrats have called on Vice President Mike Pence and the rest of the Cabinet to remove Trump from office via the 25th Amendment.

Failing that, they have threatened a second impeachment.

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Since Wednesday, the CEO’s of several of the most prominent social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, have suspended President Trump’s accounts.

Facebook has suspended Trump’s account until Joe Biden is sworn in as president. Twitter is also considering a permanent ban.

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Those Who Are Piling On

While she has not overtly called for President Trump’s removal or resignation, former First Lady Michelle Obama also called for Trump to be banned from social media.

Obama called Trump supporters who were at the rally “a gang,” and said that, “the riots were a fulfillment of the wishes of an infantile and unpatriotic president who can’t handle the truth of his own failures.”

On Thursday, the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal also called for President Trump to resign.

In their statement, they claimed that Trump “incited a crowd to march on the Legislative Branch,” and say, “it crosses a constitutional line that Mr. Trump hasn’t previously crossed. It is impeachable.” 

Several Cabinet members have resigned in the wake of Wednesday’s events at the Capitol.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and more recently Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have resigned. 

Which One Is More Likely To Happen?

Democrats have said that if Mike Pence does not act, they will immediately begin the impeachment process.

In order to invoke the 25th Amendment Vice President Mike Pence would have to have a majority of the Cabinet in agreement with him. The President can dispute this with a letter to Congress.

Congress would vote, and it would take a two-thirds supermajority, 67 Senators and 290 House members, to remove him from power.

Congress can also appoint its own body to review the President’s fitness. 

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Any impeachment process would have to go through a still-Republican Senate.

According to a report in Politico, two articles of impeachment have already been drafted, but Senate Republicans are not willing to go through another impeachment.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said, “a last-minute attempt to impeach Trump would backfire.”

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