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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Don says:

    Pelosi is just as bad as Hillary and Obama about telling Lies.

  2. Luci says:

    Correction; In order to become ‘humiliated’, you must be born with a conscience! Evolution does not supply inner emotions except for anger and hate! ANY emotion that makes us responsible for our OWN action to ourselves and others must be rejected! It stands in the way of greed and self-gratification! Being honest, decent, compassionate, kind, with morals, principles and integrity doen’t PAY well! Money and Morals are like oil and water!

  3. Larry says:

    Pelosi has adopted Schumer’s childish 4 year old attitude

  4. Bill says:

    America this fighting over to build or not to build a wall to protect our southern border is insane!! Are we the people going to let this major controversy continue to be kicked back and forth down the road year after year while our country and our people remain unprotected for political and personal hatred for our President? You can’t tell me that it isn’t all about politics because it is all about politics and that folks does not get protecting our southern border or our American citizens what all of these politicians were elected to represent from our states and districts were elected and sent to Washington, DC to do.They were elected and sent to Washington, DC to work for the betterment of the Country and for the will of the people period!! The Democrats are not doing either one for any of us or the country..If the controversy over to build or not to build is to hard for our government to come to a head on one way or the other then it is high time that the people take matters into their own hands and let the peoples voices be heard at the ballot boxes across the country. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper for the country to set up a special vote on the wall than it is now costing the country and the people are getting from our government month after month of this haggling about the wall. Let’s let the people decide the fate of the wall so the country can get back to running the country as our Congress was elected to do. Run the country out of our Congress with both Democrats and Republicans a like not as demonized rat pacts Bring any major legislation to the vote of the people if it can’t be settled within our Congress within a reasonable length of time. ( Time to be determined by an independent party). The people can settle this by a vote overnight one way or another and the country can move forward on the rest of the business of the country. It really is pretty simple let the people decide it just like they do for all of our Congress members and our President..This is to big and to important to go year after year unsettled and leaving our southern border unprotected. Congress and our President all of which were elected by us the people they all work for us not themselves as one or two individuals are attempting to do on either side. Constantly bringing about a no decision time after time on very important legislation. So who ever reads this article or comment bring the possibility of it up to a Congress member who will listen to common sense and get it all kick started in the right direction, a vote by the people and while they are at it get Term Limits up for a vote for Congress at the same time on the ballot!! Give this comment to Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham or Jim Jordan….America needs our help!!

  5. Karen says:

    These democrats ALREADY have blood all over their hands–they are covered in it. and they don’t care.

  6. dylee36 says:

    Pelosi cant be humiliated, she is too full of herself!

  7. dylee36 says:

    The only thing the Democrats want is Trumps head on a platter. They are so locked into that agenda, that they have lost site of the purpose of the wall and protecting our homeland. WE must build the wall. The Democrats must come to their senses. There must be some with an open mind and patriotic duty.

    1. Luci says:

      Another very important part of the Theory of Evolution is; The Lazy, Livid, Left Liberal Loony’s evolved without a LICK of; “Common Sense”! They can’t even do anything WRONG right!

  8. David says:

    This Article said: the next loss of American life at the hands of an illegal immigrant will be blood on their hands. THE DEMOCRATS i am sorry next is wrong. THE DEMOCRATS already have blood on their hands in more ways than one. their policies helped the Mexican gangs like m-13 get started in this country, and have allowed terrorist in this country like the ones that took down the twin towers. in fact the democratic party is responsible for over 90% of the problems this country is having.

  9. Frank says:

    The longer the DNC stalls on the border wall the more people are waking up to the fact we have too many USG employees and their jobs could be out sourced or in sourced like the rich democrats programs do. They pretend to promote unions but the fact is the avalanche of of immigrants that would ensue would further devalue English speaking American’s jobs. There must be thousands of jobs illegal immigrants could do in State and Federal offices for half the pay and no benefits. I’m not without sympathy for our employees who are essential workers but ho many government programs d people believe are truly essential across the breath of America? The longer the DNC delays the more momentum is likely to gain against the Islamo – racist socialist left now running the DNC with its hand way up Nancy puppet.

  10. gratefuldeadhillarysupporter says:

    “… or the next loss of American life at the hands of an illegal immigrant will be blood on their hands.”

    Since when would that motivate any of these psychopaths?

  11. Gizmo says:

    Pelosi and the rest of her renegade party, needs to remove the walls from their home if the walls are so immoral. Hypocrit!

  12. klazy50 says:

    The DEMS are such idiots they think they know it all when in fact they are the least in formed group in American history. They all need to be confronted with the truth by the criminals that commit the crimes and cause maybe them physical harms. I just hope we can move forward and declare a national emergency and start the building of whatever kind of wall it will be. I would just ask that all those working on the wall are protected from harm. You can never convince Pelois a thing she is as DUMB as they come. Lets just done’t waste anymore time letting them have there way.

  13. gwenie says:

    Pelosi needs to present us, the citizens of the USA with the facts obtained by three (3) different neurologists after they have fully questioned, examined and tested Mz Pelosi on three to 5 different occasions. She is mentally incompetent and taking advice from Schumer, a Deep State artisan, evidence she is no longer in control of herself.

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