Parent’s Rights Group Moms for Liberty Compared to KKK in VICE Hit Piece

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Moms for Liberty continues to make waves by voicing their opinions and daring to assert their rights as free citizens and concerned parents. Failing digital platform VICE recently published one of many hit pieces against the group, attempting to tell the story from the “other side” of the aisle. (For some reason there is “another side” to parent’s rights.)

Suppose you believe what you read in these hit pieces done by the likes of VICE and others. In that case, the mothers in this group are rabid terrorists hell-bent on destroying the lives of innocent children and families across this nation, one book ban at a time. Some on the left go so far as to claim that they fear for their families’ safety and even their lives.

Like most groups that espouse conservative values, Moms for Liberty is the victim of vicious historical labeling; this time, instead of being called Nazis, these concerned mothers are equal to the hood-wearing KKK. We had the chance to chat with the founders of this group; take a look and tell us if these two women seem like Grand Wizards:

Flip the script

The recent article from VICE was titled ‘A Far Right Moms Group is Targeting Students. These Women Are Fighting Back.’ Obviously, Moms for Liberty is not “far-right,” and they’re not “targeting students.”

The piece opens with a tale of a horrified mother watching a school board meeting as a parent successfully advocates for removing the pornographic graphic novel ‘Gender Queer’ from school libraries in her district.

This was when this mother realized she must take action and fight back against what the article called an “extremist” parental rights group. VICE quotes various other opposition group leaders to Moms for Liberty, highlighting their heroic battle against the evil right-wing mamas.

These groups claim in the article to fight back “against the tyranny of Moms for Liberty” and take a stand against “efforts to insert pro-Christian curriculums into public schools.” Those damn Christian moms, they’ll get you every time with their radical thoughts of virtues, values, and principles. 

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The founders of the group Defense of Democracy explain their strategy in countering Moms for Liberty:

“We treat Moms for Liberty like the KKK. If you knew that a KKK meeting was happening in a church down the street from your house, everyone would be alarmed, we would be picketing, we would be protesting, we’d have a petition. And that was exactly what we do.”

It’s important to note that while it would be alarming if a KKK meeting were taking place down the street from my house, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen thanks to a little thing called the First Amendment. It’s also important to note that comparing Moms for Liberty to the KKK is like comparing apples to folding campaign chairs; in other words, it’s illiterate, uneducated nonsense, and I’d argue that person probably didn’t do well on their SATs.

It’s in a book

Most of the ire against Moms for Liberty surrounds the narrative that the organization is focused on banning books from libraries. I grew up in a house filled with books, and to this day, I love books.

To ban a book is sacrilege in my family; in fact, my mother made a point when I was growing up to buy books that were being banned and make sure I was aware of them. Think Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ and Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’.

All that to say, I’m not a fan of book banning. But is that what Moms for Liberty is really about?

Not according to co-found Tiffany Justice:

“No one is looking to ban books. What we’re talking about is curating content in a library. You wouldn’t have the same books in a medical college that you would in a seminary, and just because a book is printed doesn’t mean that it belongs in a children’s library.”

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It seems reasonable enough, but let’s take a look at the book that has received the most backlash from Moms for Liberty – ‘Gender Queer.’ According to the American Library Association, Maia Kobabe’s graphic memoir ‘Gender Queer’ is the most “challenged” book of 2022. 

This book contains not just discussions of oral sex but actual visual depictions of oral sex. At a time when our children can’t read, I would argue public school libraries could stand to have more of the classics and less of the porno-mags. It’s so graphic I will only link to it here.

My Kids, My Rules

Before this article, VICE had published another Moms for Liberty hit piece titled ‘A Far-Right Moms Group is Terrorizing Schools in the Name of Protecting Kids.’ Yet again, the side of the political aisle that espouses being the most inclusive, empathetic, and open to other ideas is the most radical in its language when faced with an opposing argument.

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona recently said:

“Teachers know what is best for their kids because they are with them every day. We must trust teachers.”

President Biden said at a recent event:

“Our nation’s children are all our children.”

No, teachers don’t know what is best for my kids because they didn’t give birth to them; they aren’t responsible for their safety and well-being. No, my kids are not the nation’s kids, are not D.C.’s kids, and they sure as hell aren’t Joe Biden’s kids.

Most mothers are like me – I don’t care what you do with your kids or what you believe in your house. I just want to ensure my kids are safe and healthy and grow up to be productive members of society.

And time and time again, the public school system and bureaucrats have proven that they don’t have my kid’s best interests at heart. Instead, they care more about virtue signaling, scoring political points, and lining the pockets of special interest groups and DEI consulting firms at the expense of my children’s education, mental health, and my rights as their parent.

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Moms for Liberty and parents who are concerned over books like ‘Gender Queer’ are not the enemy and are not dangerous; they are parents doing their jobs. If you want your kids to read pornography, go for it; buy those books on Amazon, and read them aloud at dinner time if you like.

But don’t expect me to be ok with my kid reading it and my taxpayer dollars paying for it to be on bookshelves that would be better served filled with ‘Moby Dick,’ ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged.’

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