Overly Dramatic Congressman Claims Republicans Hate Children

Late Friday night, the House of Representatives passed a $694 billion border bill that would provide additional border security measures, along with providing temporary housing and “humanitarian assistance” to unaccompanied children. The bill, according to Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), would “secure the border, provide emergency care, and prevent future arrivals” while ensuring “that children are reunited with families in their home countries.”

She called it humane, effective, and expeditious.

The bill has no chance of approval in the Senate, and President Obama has vowed to veto it on the off chance that it reached his desk.

Why is a “humane” bill that provides assistance to children and will ultimately reunite them with their families opposed so vehemently by Democrats?

It’s simple if you ask Congressman Luis Gutierrez – Republicans “despise and hate” all children.


Gutierrez also took his extreme rhetoric to Twitter, where he denounced Republicans as “cowards” who “scapegoat children.”

I took the liberty of replying…

It was just two weeks ago that Rep. Gutierrez accidentally let fly with the real reason that Democrats want the President to issue executive orders for blanket amnesty of illegal immigrants – 4-5 million new Democrats.

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