O’Reilly: Country Is Doomed If Presidency Can Be Bought Through Clintons


Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly lit into Hillary Clinton in the wake of a foreign donations scandal through the Clinton Foundation, stating flatly that the country “is doomed” if the Presidency in America can be bought in such a manner.

Appearing on The Five, O’Reilly continued to insist that the FBI needs to investigate donations made through the foundation from foreign entities “to preserve the sanctity of the electoral process.”

Because this case involves the election of our possible next President, he said “they have no choice” but “to investigate this.”

via Mediaite:

Bill O’Reilly dropped by Fox’s The Five today to elaborate on his call for the FBI to investigate questions about donations and influence-peddling surrounding the Clinton Foundation, arguing that doing so would “preserve the sanctity of the electoral process.” O’Reilly made the argument last night and said that he formally reached out to the agency to get an answer from them on the matter.

He told the Five hosts that if Hillary Clinton allows the investigation to proceed and the FBI finds nothing, then she’ll be elected, no question. But until then, this is important to O’Reilly because “if the U.S. presidency can be bought, then this country is doomed.”

Host Eric Bolling suggested the IRS investigate the Clintons, but O’Reilly reminded viewers that the agency has been “corrupted” and “politicized.”

He added, “We need to know if Hillary Clinton violated any laws, and the FBI is the only agency on this earth that can do that.”

Watch the segment …

What do you think?  Is the country doomed if Clinton received foreign donations as Secretary of State and parlays that into a Presidency?

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