One Word Sums Up The Left’s Fear Of Newly Elected Italian PM Giorgia Meloni: Identity

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Giorgia Meloni is set to become Italy’s first female prime minister. Still, before you break out the ticker tape and throw a parade in the name of female firsts, you may want to rethink showing any positive interest in this recent development because, allegedly, she’s a fascist.

It would be hard to miss the meltdown happening across the left-wing media – like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who labeled Meloni a ‘neofascist.’ 

Described often as a ‘far-right’ politician, Ms. Meloni’s rise to power is not to be celebrated among the smart-set, but demonized.

Is Ms. Meloni the second coming of Mussolini and the dawning of a repeat of World War II-era policies? First, let’s look at what it is about Ms. Meloni that terrifies the left and brings some hope to the right here in the United States. 

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Biggest Sin… Being A Conservative

In an interview with the Washington Post, when asked what she considers herself in terms of political affiliation, she clearly states conservative:

“I think there’s no doubt that our values are conservative ones.”

She lists out those values, stating:

“The issue of individual freedom, private enterprise in economy, educational freedom, the centrality of family and its role in society, the protection of borders from unchecked immigration, the defense of the Italian national identity…”

Sound familiar? It should; it’s very much the same values that your everyday American conservative adheres to, which helps lay the foundation for what it is that has the left shaking in their Uggs. 

Their consternation with her rise to power in Italy is less to do with any historical references and more to do with the thought that just as the far-left in Italy has lost favor with everyday Italians, so too has the far-left in America possibly lost favor with ordinary Americans.

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A Masterclass In Today’s Crisis

In a speech at a Brothers of Italy event, Ms. Meloni laid out the crisis she sees in Italy. It’s all about identity, as she lays out in the speech:

“Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? Because it defines us. Because it is our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves.”

She then goes on to explain how ‘they’ go about tearing down identity:

“And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother, No.”

Sound familiar? It should.

One only has to look at the attempts to erase our Founders from buildings, vilify God and anyone who believes in a higher power, and the push to transition children without their parent’s knowledge to see the similarities.

And of course, the wide open borders. 

But Do They Have A Point?

Italy hasn’t voted a right-wing politician to the top of the class since World War II, which certainly should cause some waves and eyebrow raises by political theorists. But unfortunately, there are also some in the Brothers of Italy party that have some legitimate fascist themes to them.

For example, a party member that had been running for parliament was discovered to have posted comments supporting Adolf Hitler. It’s universally known that there is nothing to support or think positively about regarding Hitler.

However, it’s important to note that the party suspended the Hitler supporter, so it would appear that the right-wing party in Italy is multifaceted at a minimum versus full-blown fascist. And as Ms. Meloni explains in an interview, it’s the left’s fault that the right has become more favorable in Italy.

“…the Italian left has forgotten the world of labor to follow an ideological agenda that is oblivious to the common man’s daily life.”

Sound familiar? It should. The Democratic Party used to be the party of the parent, the party of the worker, the party of the everyday man and woman. 

Instead, they are now the party of the special interest group, the party of the union bosses, and the party of the wealthy donors.

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The Time Is Now

In her speech at the party event, she boldly states:

“We will defend God, country and family. Those things that disgust people so much.”

How did we get to a point where God, country, and family would be themes that invoke such hate, fear, and revolt? The uncomfortable reality is that this has all been foretold before.

Quoting the great British essayist G.K. Chesterton, she ends her speech with his premonition from the early 1900s:

“Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.”

As Ms. Meloni says, “That time has arrived.”

We live in a time where debates are made to testify that a woman is a woman and prove that American capitalism is great as millions pour into a southern border to participate in said capitalism. 

So in a few weeks, the 100th anniversary of Mussolini’s march on Rome will hit, and a right-wing Italian politician will be the Prime Minister for the first time since WWII. Will Ms. Meloni turn Italy into a fascist nation the likes of Mussolini?

Only time will tell, but I think it’s fair to say that the left isn’t worried about that; they are afraid that if Europeans are starting to wake up to their ‘woke’ game, perhaps Americans will as well.

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