Oliver Stone Defends Harvey Weinstein, Is Immediately Accused of Sexual Assault

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TRONDHEIM, NORWAY - JUNE 21: Oliver Stone poses for a picture during the Starmus Festival on June 21, 2017 in Trondheim, Norway. (Photo by MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/WireImage)

Perhaps the men in Hollywood might take a look inside their own closets prior to commenting on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault reports.

Actor Ben Affleck recently admonished Weinstein after the liberal Hollywood icon and Democrat donor was outed as a pervert who spent decades sexually harassing and assaulting women. Affleck himself was outed shortly thereafter for having groped actress Hilarie Burton.

Award-winning director Oliver Stone took a different path to the same result. He actually defended Weinstein and was immediately outed by a former Playboy model for assault as well.

Despite dozens of alleged female victims having been subjected to Weinstein’s assaults, the “Platoon” director decided to empathize with the aggressor instead.

“I believe a man shouldn’t be condemned by a vigilante system,” Stone opined. “It’s not easy what he’s going through, either.”

Former Playboy Playmate, Carrie Stevens, almost immediately responded by accusing Stone of having grabbed her breast at a party over 20 years ago.

According to Stevens, Stone acted like you’d expect an oddball who, but for money or fame would never attract attention from the opposite sex, would act.

He “reached out and…honked it like a horn,” she recalled, comparing Stone to the “immature guy in elementary school who snaps your bra.”

Stevens told the Daily News that she was surrounded by others who witnessed Stone grabbing her, but nobody was willing to say anything.

“That’s what’s going on in Hollywood,” she explained. “That’s why things have to change. He’s Oliver Stone. Nobody’s going to say anything.”

Stevens believes there are likely other victims of his behavior, just as there were many victims of Weinstein’s behavior.

“If they do it to one, they’ll do it to as many as they can get away with,” she said.

Stone was a Bernie Bro this past election cycle, eventually voting for Jill Stein.

Of Hillary Clinton, Stone said she “scares me” due to her hard-line foreign policies, but called Donald Trump “too erratic” to occupy the Oval Office.

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