Ocasio-Cortez Says Man Who Took Photo of Her Burger Meal Did So ‘Creepily’

When an anonymous man took a photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a staff member eating a hamburger at a restaurant recently, the Democratic congresswoman lashed out, saying it was creepy, among other things.


She tweeted,“Tonight a dude was creepily (and obviously) taking a picture of me while pretending he wasn’t and I had to break his imaginary fourth wall and say ‘Hi! I’m a person! This is weird!’”

Less Red Meat

This photo was taken days after she said Americans might want to cut back on eating red meat.

“It’s not to say we’re gonna force everybody to go vegan or anything crazy like that,” she said on Showtime’s new talk show “Desus & Mero”. “But it’s to say, ‘Listen, we gotta address factory farming. Maybe we shouldn’t be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like, let’s keep it real.”

The restaurant photo was originally posted by Caleb Hull, a conservative social media strategist. In it, you can clearly see Ocasio-Cortez and her Chief of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti dining, with Chakrabarti eating a burger.

Though Ocasio-Cortez might think the photographer is a creep, she should understand her fellow Americans might not appreciate the double standard!

Hull defended sharing the photo, tweeting, “this picture was only taken and sent to me because AOC told the country to eat less hamburgers and her COS is here eating a hamburger.”

Then Hull made a very good point about another double standard.

Dining in Peace

“Notice how she wasn’t confronted and forced to leave the restaurant like liberals have been doing to the GOP?” Hull said.

Yes, unlike Ted Cruz and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and her staff are at liberty to dine in relative peace. This photographer didn’t start yelling at the pair, protesting or making a ruckus in any way.

Welcome to the Big Time AOC!

More importantly, Ocasio-Cortez is a high profile public figure. She is not allowed the luxury of making the media rounds and trying to get as much attention as possible and then becoming upset when that includes some unwanted or negative attention. She can’t share her opinions with the world on major platforms and not expect others to capture her in moments they believe to be rank hypocrisy, like telling Americans to eat fewer burgers while your top staff member eats a burger.

“AOC” can expect many more public photos to be taken of her in the years to come. “Creepy” or not.

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