Ocasio-Cortez Considering Endorsement for 2020 Election

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “entertaining” the idea of endorsing a Democrat candidate for president in 2020.

‘Entertaining’ is an appropriate description. The entertainment value alone in watching Trump opponents fall all over themselves trying to earn this endorsement will be worth the price of admission.

The socialist darling of the resistance party said she thinks Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren could be someone she throws her support behind.

“What I’d like to see in a presidential candidate is one that has a coherent worldview and logic from which all these policy proposals are coming forward,” Ocasio-Cortez told reporters.

‘Coherent worldview’? In other words, somebody who possesses attributes she does not.

“I think Sen. Sanders has that,” she added without evidence. “I also think Sen. Warren has that.”

Not a Fan of Biden

Ocasio-Cortez told reporters that, like most thoughts she tries to formulate, this one would take “a while,” but refused to answer whether she could envision herself supporting a Joe Biden campaign.

Last month she said a Biden presidency would be a step backward rather than forward, adding that the former vice president “does not particularly animate right now.”

Well no, he’s certainly not as exciting as say, a garbage disposal. We get it.

Sanders It Is

If Bernie and Pocahontas are the top choices, we’re guessing the former will win Ocasio-Cortez’ endorsement. Warren has no realistic chance of earning the nomination regardless of who endorses her.

And Sanders is, after all, nearly as radically communist as Ocasio-Cortez in every way.

The new cast of Dumb and Dumber dynamic duo recently teamed up to introduce legislation to crack down on the payday-lending industry.

Aside from that team effort, Ocasio-Cortez also served as an organizer for Sanders’s presidential campaign in 2016. They have a history together.

The Hill reports that “AOC” could boost Sanders “merely by appearing alongside him.”

“Having someone who is the equivalent of a rock star on your side is never a bad thing,” former South Carolina state legislator Bakari Sellers said.

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