Donald Trump has been America’s president-elect for less than one week and Barack Obama has been trying to undermine the Republican every step of the way.

After repeatedly questioning Trump’s qualifications to hold the highest office in the land, we have just learned that Obama took a major step to undermine the newly-elected president.

One of Trump’s major messages during his campaign was the need to combat illegal immigration and to build a wall along our southern border that Mexico will pay for. Well, immediately after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, Obama made sure to undermine Trump’s agenda by calling Mexico’s president to reassure him not to worry about the new administration.

From the Washington Times:

The White House said Mr. Obama told Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto “how much the United States values and depends upon its relationship and collaboration with Mexico.”

“Both presidents agreed to continue to take steps to solidify the relationship and institutionalize mechanisms of cooperation that have been created with bipartisan support to ensure that the strong and mutually beneficial partnership between Mexico and the United States endures,” the White House said.

While Trump has stressed the importance of border security and deporting criminal illegal immigrants, Obama did his best to pacify his Mexican counterpart by stressing “how much the United States values and depends upon its relationship and collaboration with Mexico.”

Obama has made no secret that he dislikes Trump, so rather than helping his Republican successor be an effective leader, he would rather hinder his agenda by going behind Trump’s back to speak to America’s neighbors privately:

Mr. Obama and Mr. Pena Nieto discussed “the progress the two countries have made deepening economic relations, combatting organized crime, managing migration, and strengthening the rule of law to the benefit of the American and Mexican people,” the White House said.

The administration’s statement said the Mexican leader “commended President Obama for being a steadfast friend of the Mexican people and a committed partner.”

How should Trump respond to Obama’s deliberate undermining of the newly-elected president? Share your thoughts below! 

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