Obama Attacks Black Republican Tim Scott for ‘Minimizing Racial Inequality’

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Dr. Derek Ellerman

If you thought he would go away and stop whipping up racial division, you were wrong.

Former President Obama, one of the worst of the 20th Century, decided to lend his voice to the woke train, attacking black Republican Tim Scott and Indian Republican Nikki Haley.

Why, you may ask, would a black man attack fellow minorities? According to Obama, it’s because Scott and Haley are too positive about America, and not pessimistic enough about race relations.

For a quick refresher, here’s the working definition of irony: a technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated.

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Obama Attacks Minorities

Obama made his comments, of course, on a CNN program – the podcast of his former campaign manager, David Axelrod.

Among other things, here is what Obama said:

“I think there’s a long history of African American or other minority candidates within the Republican Party who will validate Americans saying, ‘Everything’s great, and we can make it.”

Just sit with this for a second. Scott and Haley are guilty of… saying that people can make it in America. Say, for example, that a black man can be elected President. Easily. And twice.

The implication is obvious; minorities can’t make it, according to the black former President, talking about a black United States Senator and an Indian former Governor and United Nations Ambassador.

And if you think any of this is strange, it’s because you clearly can’t bring yourself to conduct an “honest accounting of our past and our present,” says our failed former 44th President.

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Look at This Graph

Race relations in America were, all things considered, pretty high in the years before Obama.

Gallup shows that in 2001, black adults had an even more positive view of race relations than whites!

A precipitous decline among both blacks and whites started in 2014:

Race relations in America

Race relations, via Gallup

2014 was the year of Ferguson, and the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

If we’re looking for blame to place, at least one answer seems obvious. But Obama’s comments are still silly – particularly when it comes to Indian-Americans.

Indians have an average household income of $123,700. While not a direct comparison, the median household income in the U.S. is almost half that, $70,784.

I don’t know Barack, I think Indians are doing OK.

As for black Americans, Tim Scott famously grew up in poverty, with his mother working 16 hours a day to take care of her kids. Now he’s a Senator.

For his part, Scott said of Obama’s attack, “There’s no higher compliment than being attacked by President Obama.”

The reason mountebanks like Obama tell minorities they are incapable of greatness is simple: his ideology requires lots of people dependent on the Great Father in Washington to take care of them in return for votes.

Meanwhile, individuals like Haley and Scott continue to succeed, despite the racial handicap Obama and his ilk have failed to place on them.

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