Earlier today, we learned that President Obama is considering issuing over 1,000 new federal regulations during his final days in office. Well, now reports have surfaced suggesting that Democrats are urging Obama should pardon “dreamer” illegal immigrants before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office in January.

Bloomberg is reporting that a group of liberal House Democrats have openly called on Obama to pardon approximately 750,000 young illegal immigrants who are currently shielded from deportation as a result of Obama’s illegal 2012 executive order:

“By no fault of their own, these Americans are prisoners in their own country, living their daily lives, not knowing if they will be deported to another country,” Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard, a California Democrat, said at a news conference. She and a group of other lawmakers active on immigration policy sent a letter to Obama with their request Thursday.

The White House has allegedly rejected the Democrat proposal, but given his history of pushing amnesty through executive action, many Americans will likely be skeptical of anything the president does in his last days in office. Other liberal Democrats have reached out to the White House about a potential pardon for illegal immigrants, but have yet to receive an official  response from the outgoing president:

Roybal-Allard and three other Democrats sent Obama a letter with their request for pardons, arguing the immigrants who registered for the DACA program “face uncertainty, fear and stress, leading to psychological issues including depression, anxiety and an increased risk of suicide.”

Representative Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat who signed the letter, said she and other lawmakers have had “private conversations” with the administration about possible pardons, but declined to say what response they’ve had. Given that President-elect Trump has stressed he will crack down on illegal immigration and will not grant amnesty to any illegal immigrants, if Obama were to pardon hundreds of thousands of illegals, it would be a slap in the face to millions of Americans who voted for Trump.

Do you trust the White House’s promise that Obama will not pardon 750,000 illegal immigrants? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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