The internet is full of reports of a massive, potentially criminal, scandal about last Sunday’s game between the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders.

If you were unaware, the Raiders are the only team in the National Football League (NFL) where 100% of their line happens to be African-American. And during last weekend’s National Anthem controversy, their offensive linemen decide to sit down in protest.

However, quarterback Derek Carr stood. And because those linemen have the job of protecting the ball and the quarterback, the Armstrong & Getty radio show are getting multiple reports that something serious happened at that game that fans at home missed.

The host opined, “So Derek Carr, who is never sacked, was sacked four times by the Redskins, (in) back to back (plays) on the second offensive series of the (Oakland) Raiders. The first series, he threw almost immediately and was intercepted, so that series was over before it began.”

Then he added, “Also, three times, the extremely dependable never does this [sic] center, the guy who snaps the ball to the quarterback, snapped it before Carr was ready, three times. He ‘hiked’ it, as the kids say, into Carr’s knee before he was supposed to.”

They are claiming the Raiders threw the game on purpose to teach Carr a lesson.

Listen to the broadcast here:

They wondered if this “throwing” of a game was just a one-time deal, or if there are other examples. They added, “If this story is true, you’ve got an animosity between a white quarterback and a black offensive line that you can’t fix very easily.”

The hosts claim to have an inside and “extremely reliable” source that can confirm the game is thrown. This, if confirmed, would be a legal nightmare for the NFL. It’s illegal to throw a game, and players could end up in prison, as Bill O’Reilly mentioned on his recent Fox News appearance.

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