NYC Mayor Eric Adams Celebrates Diversity In His Administration, Compares Himself To Jesus: ‘Have You Ever Seen This Much Chocolate?’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently made racially charged comments about the diversity in his administration and compared himself to Jesus for his "chocolate" leadership.
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently made racially charged comments about the diversity in his administration and compared himself to Jesus for his “chocolate” leadership.

Actually, it’s not a comment on diversity when you’re celebrating your team being so “chocolate.” It’s racist.

“Look at this team, folks. Look at this team. Look at my, look at my deputy mayors,” he told those in attendance at a Community Conversation forum hosted last week.

“First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright, Deputy Mayor… Stand up, stand up. They need to see you,” he beamed. “Deputy Mayor Williams-Isom, Deputy Mayor Meera Joshi, Deputy Mayor Almanzar, Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer.”

“Have you ever seen this much chocolate leading the City of New York?” he added.

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Eric Adams Compares Himself To Jesus By ‘Diversifying’ His Administration

Mayor Adams went on to explain that he believes a diverse leadership team is essential for creating a more inclusive and equitable city.

But the fact that he exclusively boasted about the “chocolate” factor means he is not interested in diversity. Did he brag about anybody in his administration who might add a little “vanilla” to the landscape?

If it wasn’t bad enough that Adams made a blatantly racist comment – Can you imagine a reporter remarking with disdain on how “chocolate” the NYC admin is? They’d be fired. Immediately. Rightly. – But he then compared himself to Jesus overturning tables at the temple of God.

“Jesus walked in the temple, he saw them doing wrong in the temple. He did what?” Adams asked the audience.

One member replied, “He turned the table over.”

Adams continued: “I went to City Hall to turn the table over. First woman police commissioner of color. First Spanish-speaking police commissioner. First Spanish-speaking correction commissioner.”

“Go through the line of what we’re doing. In two years! That’s right, because that’s how we do when you’re from Brownsville,” he said.

Mayor Adams then falsely claimed that diversifying his administration is why he is so unpopular – A recent poll had him at a dismal 28% approval rating.

“This is representative of the city. That’s why people are hating on me. You trying to figure out why they’re hating on me? They’re hating on me because those …” Adams said before shifting to his Jesus Christ pose.

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Says The City Is Being Destroyed

It’s certainly an interesting tactic to celebrate how “chocolate” your administration is, as opposed to their merit and accomplishments, just a few months removed from admitting your sanctuary city policies are “destroying” New York City.

“Let me tell you something, New Yorkers. Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this,” Adams said in September. “I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City.”

Hey, maybe if you weren’t focused on being the DEI mayor of the city and instead developed a plan to deal with the problem, your city wouldn’t be in such dire straits.

Adams’ “chocolate” administration is currently overseeing a new $53 million program to provide pre-paid debit cards to illegal immigrants, allowing them to spend the funds in local bodegas.

The same illegal aliens he said were going to “destroy” the city.

New York City also saw a pack of destructive animals assault two police officers and immediately get released with no bail, allowing them to reportedly flee to another leftist cesspool state of California.

Maybe that’s why they’re “hating on” you, Mr. Adams. Because you’re destroying the city and your number one priority is what the skin color of the people around you might be.

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