NRA Exec: Obama Hates Guns and the Constitution


File this one under ‘O’ for ‘Obvious.’

NRA Executive Director Chris Cox appeared on the Kelly File last night and unloaded on President Obama’s latest proposal to ban certain kinds of ammunition.

The White House is floating an idea to ban ammunition that has been federally exempt for nearly three decades. That ammunition is, as Cox has written, “primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes.”

And Obama is trying to enforce the ban by skirting Congress, the people, and the rule of law. Through what else? Executive action.

Via Fox News:

The ATF has proposed banning an extremely popular type of ammunition used by more than 4 million gun owners in the United States. Gun groups challenged the proposal, but the White House defended it, saying that these bullets pose a special risk to law enforcement.

Cox said that President Barack Obama wanted to ban the AR-15, but couldn’t get that through Congress. Now, he’s trying to ban the ammunition for the AR-15, Cox said.

“This president hates guns, he always has,” Cox said. “He doesn’t care for the Constitution, he says he’s got his cellphone and his pen and he’s gonna ignore it. Well, we can’t do much about his hatred, but we can do something about trying to dismantle the Second Amendment.”

Cox said that the NRA would fight the President on trying to enact this ban and would work hard to elect a new president that actually respects freedom.

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Simple question readers – Does Obama hate guns, the Second Amendment, and the Constitution? Give us your thoughts below.

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