Look: The NFL Has a New Flag Policy

nfl new flag policy

Cartoonist A.F. Branco has summed up the new NFL policy on flags to perfection.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been wavering back and forth on how to handle the controversy developing within the league, in which Colin Kaepernick and a bunch of other lemmings followed suit by kneeling during the national anthem.

Of course, they’ve all tried to pretend the protests aren’t about disrespecting the American flag, but we all know it at least started that way.

Goodell seemed to be catching onto the fact that anti-Americanism tends to hurt the league’s bottom line, and fans were leaving the game behind in droves.

That’s when the Commish spoke up.

ESPN reported that “Goodell made clear in (a) letter, obtained by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, that he wants players to stand during the anthem.”

All well and good, but the protests have continued, and Goodell has not punished anyone for engaging in them.

In fact, Goodell then tried to justify the players antics, saying they aren’t trying to be “disrespectful to the flag” when they kneel during the National Anthem.

Oh, but they are.

After a two-day owners meeting in New York, Goodell said there would be no change to the league’s policy on standing for the National Anthem.

You can’t have it both ways, and doing nothing seems to signal a surrender to the players will. In other words, here’s the new flag policy in professional football.

Whoa … Looks like Roger is sporting a nice new league-issued helmet there too. Official helmet of the up-and-coming social justice warrior.

The caption, written by Branco reads, “Roger Goodell surrenders to the NFL players who continue to disrespect the U.S. Flag.”

In other words, Goodell and the rest of the NFL owners not demanding a rule change have taken a knee.

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