New President of El Salvador Says HIS Country to Blame For Deaths of Drowned Migrants

This isn’t going to sit well with the carefully crafted story being put out by the left.

El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, who took office a month ago, is taking responsibility for the deaths of a father and daughter who were photographed after drowning in the Rio Grande while trying to cross the southern border.

Bukele believes it is his country’s responsibility to create an atmosphere where citizens would not feel obligated to flee the country.

“People don’t flee their homes because they want to, people flee their homes because they feel they have to,” he said during an interview with the BBC. “Why? Because they don’t have a job, because they are being threatened by gangs, because they don’t have basic things like water, education, health.”

Democrats meanwhile, continued their anti-America rhetoric, blaming the President of the United States for their heartbreaking deaths.

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“We can blame any other country but what about our blame? What country did they flee? Did they flee the United States?” Bukele asked. “They fled El Salvador, they fled our country. It is our fault.”

He’s Right

El Salvador serves as a breeding ground of violent MS-13 gang activity. A year-long operation last August yielded an arrest of over 600 members from the notoriously violent gang within the country.

And while we know that Democrats like to portray these animals as having “dignity and worth” and “a spark of divinity,” the reality is having an influx of gang members is not a positive development.


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Having them overrun our borders within groups or caravans of migrants legitimately trying to gain asylum hurts the innocent. In this case, it killed them.

“Too bad the Dems in Congress won’t do anything at all about Border Security,” President Trump tweeted. “They want Open Borders, which means crime.”

They want open borders which means votes in their minds.

Democrats Blame America

Bukele’s comments are commendable. It’d be easy to cast blame on the United States, something that tends to generate from the American left who view this country under the Trump administration as the enemy.

  • Beto O’Rourke: “Trump is responsible for these deaths.”
  • Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker: “These are the consequences of Donald Trump’s inhumane and immoral immigration policy.”
  • Kamala Harris: “These families seeking asylum are often fleeing extreme violence. And what happens when they arrive? Trump says, ‘Go back to where you came from.'”

Is there any dead human being the Democrats aren’t willing to step over in an attempt to cast aspersions on the President?