New poll shows majority would vote today for Romney


Less than two years after the last presidential election and Americans are having buyer’s remorse:

A new CNN/ORC International Poll says that, if the 2012 election were held today, Republican candidate Mitt Romney would defeat President Obama in the popular vote by 53%-44%.

This more than flips the actual results of Obama beating Romney 51%-47%. In his second term, Obama is imploding on a massive scale: terrorists taking over Iraq, a border crisis, the resurgence of Russia, the failure of Obamacare, IRS abuses, and the NSA scandal all unfolded after the election.

Mitt Romney truly was the man for the moment in 2012, but he may not be the man of the future:

The new poll probably says more about Obama than Romney — it also shows that the Republican would lose a theoretical 2016 match-up to Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, by a margin of 55%-42%.

This just goes to show how much harder we need to work to take down Hillary before everyone gets swept up in the “oh, it would be so historic to elect the first female president!” hoopla, akin to the sentiment that helped sweep President Obama into office. And God forbid we elect Elizabeth Warren the first “Native American” president!

Can we please stop electing novelties and start electing leaders again?

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