Kneeling Football Players Hit a New Low, Get Ripped by Police Officer

new orleans saints kneel

Does anybody even know what NFL players are kneeling for anymore? Is it social justice? Is it police brutality? Is it anti-Trump?

Or is it simply to get attention at the cost of looking like absolute fools?

Players for the New Orleans Saints went with the latter, choosing this past weekend to stand for the national anthem but kneel during a moment of silence for a fallen police officer.

We’ll repeat that – they took a knee and disrespected a moment of silence for Officer Marcus McNeil, a 29-year-old husband and father of two children, ages two and five.

McNeil was shot and hit several times after he and three fellow officers on patrol were shot at by a 30-year-old man, following a traffic stop.

The suspect is an African-American male with a long rap sheet.

To recap, the NFL players, who often cite racial inequality as one of the many reasons for taking a knee, knelt during a moment of silence for a black police officer who was killed by a black suspect.

What the hell?

The fans gave them quite a bit of grief over the disgusting lack of respect, and rightfully so …

As did the group ‘Blue Lives Matter’ …

No, it’s become glaringly apparent that there is no level at which these players won’t stoop.

Perhaps the best response of all came from Brandon Tatum, a Texas police officer who delivered this seething rant against the Saints players who chose to kneel during a moment of silence for Officer McNeil.

Tatum’s take down of the spoiled athletes is well worth a look …

“Officer Marcus McNeil was murdered today, and the NFL players decided to take a knee during his memorial?” Tatum said. “Give me a break!”

You can feel the emotion flowing out of him. Incredible!

Tell us what you think of the New Orleans Saints actions and the response from Officer Tatum!

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