Thousands of voters used out-of-state driver licenses to vote in New Hampshire this past election cycle, helping tip the election towards Hillary Clinton and possibly impacting a key U.S. Senate race.

According to reports, 6,540 people took advantage of weak proof-of-residence rules for same day voter registration in the Granite State. A vast majority (5,313) never had their vehicle licensed or registered in the state, meaning they simply used their out-of-state ID to vote in New Hampshire with no intention of obtaining an in-state license.

The numbers are significant. Clinton defeated President Trump in the state by only 2,736 votes, a margin so close it took a week to count the ballots.

Far more important than that race – since, as we know, Trump would go on to win the election – was the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Maggie Hassan and Republican Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte lost that race by a scant 1,017 votes.

White House adviser Stephen Miller stated to ABC News in February, “Having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters into New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics.”

“It’s very real. It’s very serious,” he added.

During that same time frame, undercover videos were detailing just how easy it is to commit voter fraud in New Hampshire.

“If you’re here today, you vote, you can be gone,” one poll worker told a Project Veritas reporter.

Shortly after the inauguration, President Trump was widely mocked by Democrats and the media for demanding an investigation into voter fraud, which included voting in two states.

There has long been evidence of significant voter fraud in local, state, and national elections for some time. This report out of New Hampshire definitively shows a scheme in which illegal votes may have impacted a Senate race, and could have impacted the presidential race.

Perhaps instead of mocking those who care about the integrity of our elections and denying the existence of voter fraud, liberals should jump on board and take action to restore confidence in voters that their ballots are not being negated by an illegal one.

Do voter registration methods need to be revamped and clamped down on to prevent voter fraud? Share your thoughts below!

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