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The First Results Are In! Here’s Who’s Leading the 2016 Race!

new hampshire results

Today, millions of Americans are heading to the polls to pick between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While most Americans have yet to cast their votes, the first results have just come in and Republican Donald Trump is off to an early lead in New Hampshire.

3 small New Hampshire precincts opened at midnight and went for Trump over Clinton 32-25. The towns of Dixville, Hart’s Location and Millsfield just sent a powerful message to the rest of the nation by casting their votes for Trump.

While Clinton won more votes in Dixville and Hart’s Location, Trump was the overwhelming favorite in Millsfield, winning 16-4.

In addition, “Libertarian Gary Johnson picked up three votes. Bernie Sanders, John Kasich and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney got write-in votes.”

New Hampshire law allows for towns with under 100 voters to open at midnight on Election Day and close as soon as all voters have cast their votes.

The tradition of midnight voting is nothing new for New Hampshire, a tradition going back as far as 1960, according to USA Today:

The best known of these three towns, Dixville Notch, has been voting at midnight every election since 1960. Neil Tillotson, the former owner of the Balsams Grant Resort Hotel, which closed in 2011, started midnight voting in Dixville in 1960 to stir up publicity for the resort. Almost all of the Dixville voters are employees of the resort .

This could be Dixville’s last year in the election spotlight, however. Les Otten, a New England businessman, bought the Balsams and plans to redevelop it into a massive ski resort. That could bring the population in Dixville over 100 people, thereby ending¬†its midnight voting tradition.

Hart’s Location was the first town to begin the tradition of early voting in 1948. According to the town’s website, it started when the town was “inhabited mostly by Maine Central Railroad workers and their families” and early voting became the most convenient way for them to vote. But midnight voting was abandoned in 1964, “when residents became tired of all the media ruckus and voted to end it.”

H/T: Info Wars

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